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Take Social Performance to the Next Level

We make the most of our Meta Business Partnership because we manage more spend on Facebook than any other independent agency. We make sure our clients get their voices heard at the biggest social network on the planet so we can maximize the value you’ll get from the channel.

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Shaping the Future of Meta

Wpromote brings our clients’ perspectives and needs to Meta through Product Manager feedback sessions that help define their product roadmap. Our experts sit on Facebook’s Attribution Advisory Counsel, where they help shape the direction of their scalable attribution and measurement solutions. We make sure these unique opportunities to connect first hand and drive innovation with Meta result in better performance for your business.

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Certified Meta Media Planners

Our experts across departments are proud to be certified Meta Media Planners. They are trained to help assess business goals within media briefs to plan safe, compliant campaigns and interpret data to measure success.

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Make Your Team the Hero

We aren’t just looking to the future to make sure you’re getting the full benefit of Wpromote’s partnership with Meta. We connect our clients with brand new products that align with their business goals. That’s in addition to invitations to educational summits, panels, and fireside chats at Facebook campuses, performance creative collaboration sessions, and more.

Get the Most out of Every Meta Channel


When Meta Met Wpromote…

Here’s a taste of what we’ve accomplished for our clients so far (and this is just the start of a beautiful partnership):

  • Proprietary attribution model 
  • Breaking down walls between Google and Meta
  • Partner for Facebook attribution
  • Facebook Attribution Advisory Board
  • 20+ published success stories
  • 45+ product feedback sessions
  • Ad tech and campaign management (FMP)
  • Industry-specific playbooks
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Wpromote Facebook Team
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Meta Partnership Positive Vibes

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Speaking Style To New Customers
To manage its Facebook marketing strategy, Mizzen+Main partnered with Wpromote. Together they devised a plan to use Instagram posts from influencers to reach prospective customers. Once an influencer posted their photo or video, it would flow into Mizzen+Main’s ad account, where Wpromote would transform it into ads with variations in copy and calls-to-action, inspiring people to make a purchase. Mizzen+Main’s campaign strategy proved that ad creative can help acquire new customers and drive sales.

2.3X Increase In Purchases
3X Return On Ad Spend
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People Are Packing Their Bags With Facebook Flight Ads
Frontier Airlines used Facebook flight ads for prospecting which allowed them to more easily present unique offers to people who had already shown intention to travel, regardless of whether they had engaged with Frontier’s brand or visited its website or app. What’s more, the company could then automatically generate travel suggestions from its flight inventory.


2.5X Increase In Revenue
9X Increase In Return On Ad Spend
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Photo vs. Video Ads: A Revealing Comparison
To gain insights into its ad creative, Michael Stars worked with Facebook Business Partner Wpromote to develop and compare two separate but simultaneous campaigns with equal budgets and time frames. For one campaign, the team created photo ads and in the other, the team added motion with text to create video ads. By combining Facebook mobile video ads and automated features, Michael Stars achieved greater efficiency than with photo ads in its campaign.

13% Decrease In Cost Per Purchase
11% Increase In Return On Ad Spend

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