From Practical To Preferred,
Zenni Makes Everyday Eyewear A Reality

The year was 2011 and Julia Zhen, the founder of Zenni Optical, was wandering the floors of the annual Internet Retailer Conference & Expo.

She was looking for ways to expand her quickly-growing but virtually unknown prescription glasses business. Without a marketing team to speak of, Julia had built Zenni Optical to be a profitable company with a solid foundation, and Zenni customers absolutely loved the brand. However, Julia had aspirations of becoming a billion dollar company, a goal that would prove elusive while Zenni was pigeon-holed as the “place to buy $6.95 glasses.”

After an extensive agency search, Julia chose to partner with Wpromote. Overnight, Wpromote became a direct extension of their understaffed internal marketing team.

Zenni Optical dramatically improved cross-channel tracking and attribution, and started to understand what made each digital channel vital to their overall success. They launched their branding and messaging to entirely new audiences, like fashionistas. Breaking away from the need to see an immediate return for every dollar spent, Zenni began introducing more generous time frames to gauge the success of Wpromote’s marketing efforts.

A Transformation Story

Wpromote helped Zenni launch new messaging and build a 1M+ Facebook following

Zenni’s revenue grew 1,000% & they sell 15,000 pairs of glasses a day

By adjusting focus and goals, Zenni found increased CLV and brand loyalty success

Zenni has shifted from the cheapest place to buy glasses to the best place to buy glasses

Six years later, the results have been nothing short of phenomenal. Zenni has grown 1,000%, selling upwards of 15,000 pairs of glasses online each day.

Old competitors have been left in the dust as Zenni Optical has focused their sights on challenging and surpassing bigger competitors to lead the online prescription glasses industry. They have shifted from the cheapest place to buy glasses to the best place to buy glasses. From worried about tomorrow’s results to planning for next year’s growth, Julia has transformed from an unknown businesswoman into a true pioneer and wildly respected entrepreneur in the eyewear industry.

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