Pied Piper animated flute

Case Study

Digital Marketing Goes Traditional

When data compression and file storage startup Pied Piper needed key digital marketing in a monetary pinch, they knew they could trust Wpromote to come up with the perfect solution: Pipey, The Pied Piper Piper.

Their Story

Silicon Valley & Wpromote

Of course, that was all on the fictional world of HBO’s hit show Silicon Valley. When the producers of the show were looking for a “cool ad agency location” in El Segundo, they were immediately directed to Wpromote. They loved the space so much that Wpromote’s logo, signage, and even employees were extensively featured in the scene.


Wpromote Goes Viral

Once the episode aired, Wpromote went viral, and our engagements soared. Here’s a look at Wpromote’s leap from digital to traditional and how much social media loved the perfect blend of Pied Piper and Wpromote.

Silicon Valley HBO cast


Pied Piper & Wpromote Created A Sensation

Pipey and Wpromote earned many referral links across the Internet, from sources like Reddit and YouTube clip reposts to articles in publications like The A.V. Club and El Segundo’s Daily Breeze. The articles had a huge impact.

Following The Feature

Following our biggest TV debut to date, we wanted to see if we would get any additional lift in exposure. Amazingly, Wpromote saw a 101% increase in total website traffic WoW, a 54% increase in website traffic YoY, and a 124% increase in brand searches just days after the episode aired.

  • 60K Combined Impressions
  • 11X More Impressions Than Standard Posts On LinkedIn
  • 18X More Engagement Than Standard Posts On Facebook

Proof Is In The Numbers