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Case Study

Driving Ecommerce Performance Through Sophisticated Design

While in-store visits are the brand’s priority, Lee Michaels Fine Jewelry realized they also needed to invest in a vibrant online presence. They teamed up with Wpromote to upgrade their ecommerce site with a user-friendly interface to drive traffic, raise interest in their physical stores, and increase online revenue.

Their Story

Traveling the World to Bring the Best in Style and Value

Since 1978, Lee Michaels Fine Jewelry has been offering unrivaled quality, value, and service when it comes to jewelry, watches, and gifts. A family-owned company, their goal has been to give every customer an “extraordinary experience” with fine gems their buyers have traveled the world to find.

Lee Michaels Fine Jewelry in Store

The Challenge

Shifting Focus to Raise Online Brand Awareness

When their existing ecommerce site started exhibiting functionality issues, the Lee Michaels Fine Jewelry team realized they needed to upgrade the site to provide a stellar customer experience that matched what their customers experienced in their stores. They teamed up with Wpromote to launch a new site that would strengthen their digital presence, drive ecommerce sales by providing a better mobile experience and seamless online shopping, and give their team the right tools to easily manage the premium brands they represent.

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The Solution

Crafting a Unique Customer Experience With Improved Functionality

After a thorough analysis of the company’s site and goals, Wpromote suggested that Lee Michaels Fine Jewelry switch to a newer iteration of Adobe Commerce (formerly Magento Commerce) on the backend and PWA Pro on the frontend.

This two-pronged approach gave the Lee Michaels team the ability to customize and polish the user interface while providing greater merchandising flexibility and adhering to the brand’s operational requirements. Since the PWA layer only pulled the information required for the current page being loaded (as opposed to the entire site), the site was lightning fast and more responsive for users.

As part of the replatforming, Wpromote also helped the Lee Michaels team develop a sleek design aesthetic so the look and feel of the site accurately reflected the Lee Michaels brand and accentuated their premium products.

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Digital Experience

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The Results

Raising the Bar for Ecommerce Performance

When Lee Michaels Fine Jewelry’s new site launched, it featured a brand new design and an improved mobile and ecommerce user experience powered by Adobe Commerce and PWA Pro, resulting in better site performance overall.

  • 35% Decrease in Bounce Rate
  • 17% Increase in New Users
  • 3% Increase in Sessions

Proof Is In The Numbers