The Profitability Imperative

How to Build Forecasts, Predictions, and Dynamic Strategy to Win in 2023

wednesday, FEBRUARY 15  |  11am PT/2pm ET

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Will your brand rise to the challenge–or fall irrevocably behind?

The choices you make right now will determine whether your brand rises to the mounting challenges of 2023–or gets left in the dust.

You will need to not just outsmart the competition but be fully prepared to face a series of converging factors, from economic uncertainty to data deprecation, that could spell chaos for any business that doesn’t invest in the right foundation of technology and agile strategy.

To win, you need to be able to see the future. But how?

Join a dream team of marketing experts from Wpromote and Winterberry Group for a live virtual event on Wednesday, February 15th at 11 a.m. ET/ 2 p.m. PT to find out the answer. They’ll reveal how they’re leveraging the powerful combination of technology and marketing expertise to help brands achieve profitability. In the live virtual event you’ll explore:

  • Advanced predictive solutions that inform budget, campaign flighting, media mix, and more
  • How to build an agile, opportunistic media strategy that is driven by data and made to move quickly and efficiently
  • The importance of an integrated measurement framework that holds dollars accountable to business outcomes across the funnel

Meet the Speakers

More speakers to be announced soon.

Graphic of Bruce Biegel

Bruce Biegel

Senior Managing Partner, Winterberry Group

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Graphic of Samantha Frankel

Samantha Frankel

Head of Media Strategy, Wpromote

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Graphic of Mike Mothner

Mike Mothner

Founder & CEO, Wpromote (Moderator)

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