Sure, the numbers are impressive. Billions of impressions, millions of clicks, and thousands of ads paint an almost overwhelming picture of paid search.

Our proprietary paid search software plays a role in our client’s success over the competition, but that is not Wpromote’s only advantage. It is our philosophy of technology merged with human expertise and hands-on management that makes us stand out.

Since 2001, we've dedicated significant resources to technology and research, making our expertise truly unmatched. Our journey thus far has led to the understanding that however tantalizing the vision might be, a purely algorithmic solution to managing paid search campaigns will always fall short of one that is managed by human experts.

Machines are great at determining that “Ad A” is outperforming “Ad B,” but inherently flawed at asking why, or suggesting an “Ad C” that would outperform both. Running profitable paid search campaigns is far more than managing bids, much to the frustration of so many of our competitors.

This philosophy of marrying technology to human experts directed the vision of our proprietary EssentialPPC platform over the past twelve years. The results, quite simply, speak for themselves. Check out our case studies, go read about our team, and when you’re ready, let’s see what we can achieve together.

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