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Your Direct Line To Google

Let’s face it: a Google partnership is table stakes for a digital marketing agency. But we’re proud of the special relationship we’ve built with Google because it means our clients have more access to all that Google has to offer: alphas and betas, specialized training on new products, and strategic insights and data. We are your advocate with Google, making sure you get every possible advantage from both the channel and the partnership.

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Go Deeper With Exclusive Educational Summits

One of our favorite parts of our relationship with Google is giving our clients access to their expertise. We work together with the Google teams to create tailored educational events for our clients, filled with proprietary insights, deep dives into client success stories, and a peak behind the curtain at what’s coming next–and what strategies you’ll need to succeed. These summits are also opportunities for collaboration with not just Google, but across our network of clients, so you’ll also be learning from some of the best marketers on the planet.

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Get Ahead Of The Curve (No Crystal Ball Necessary)

A major benefit of Wpromote’s Google partnership is being able to look around the corner to see what’s coming next at the search engine, a crucial edge over the competition in the ever-changing world of digital marketing. Because our clients are at the forefront of these new initiatives, they’re featured in Think With Google publications as true leaders in the marketing space. We make sure our clients’ voice is heard at the Google table, by participating in product development feedback sessions and semiannual joint business planning meetings.

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Wpromote was recognized as the leading agency in driving sales when we won the Google Premier Partner Award for Online Sales in 2021.

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Wpromote won the Google Premier Partner Award for Mobile Innovation in 2018. The award was based on Wpromote’s work connecting paid search and mobile app results for our clients.

Start Making Google Work For You


At First Sight: Access To New Google Products

Our clients are first in line to test new Google products that align with their goals, while they’re still in alpha and beta. Wpromote sits on both Google’s Brand and Performance Councils, weighing in on product roadmaps and making recommendations to make sure our clients’ needs are represented in Google’s planning. Wpromote clients have participated in product development for:

  • Discovery Campaigns
  • TrueView for Actions
  • YouTube Brand Lift 2.0
  • Smart Shopping
  • Smart Display
  • Responsive Search Ads
  • Store Visits in Google Analytics
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Google Partnership Insights


How Our Clients Succeed With Google


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Focusing On Customers & Achieving Audacious Results
Coyote Logistics knew they needed a partner that could align their digital marketing efforts with their business objectives and drive quality leads, which brought them to Wpromote. Together, Wpromote and Coyote Logistics reimagined a digital marketing strategy that is driven by customer insight and makes a tangible impact on revenue by leveraging a deep understanding of shippers and carriers. Coyote’s marketing team partnered with the sales team and invested heavily in a new paid search strategy.

75% increase in impressions
50% decrease in cpc

“We’re thrilled by the performance we have achieved with Google and Wpromote!”

Jason Detamore, Ecommerce Manager, POLYWOOD


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