Remarketing is one of the most powerful complements to targeted paid search campaigns in existence. It allows campaigns to become more effective and boost collective ROI by bringing users, who otherwise would have been lost, back to your website to buy a product, fill out a form, or become a lead.

Remarketing Brings Users Back.

When a visitor arrives at your website from a pay-per-click ad (or any other source), a cookie is dropped on the user's browser which identifies them as a visitor to your site. These users are highly valuable as they arrived at your site after searching for a product or service you provide and clicking specifically on your link. Yet many of those users will end up departing your site without converting for a plethora of reasons.

Where PPC ends, however, remarketing begins. As that coveted lost user continues their normal activities online, targeted banner and text ads will be shown to them, driving them back to your site to become your next customer or lead. We can customize the length of time the user is targeted, the number of times we want to reach them, and even the messaging of the ads they see to match their activity on your site – all the way to specific products they had browsed and not yet bought!

Remarketing on Los Angeles Times

Step 1 Product Search

User performs search

Step 2 Visit Website

User finds your website

Step 3 Remarketing

User leaves & sees banner

Step 4 Return To Website

User returns & purchases

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