Wpromote's SCORE Method is the secret to how we create more value for our clients each and every day. It involves a cycle of strategy, testing, and optimization to continuously find new ways to improve campaigns and avoid hitting the “plateaus” commonly associated with ongoing marketing efforts. Accentuate the positive, eliminate the negative, and leave no stone unturned while searching for new opportunities: that's the Wpromote SCORE Method.

Strategize & Set Campaign Goals.

While the long-term goals of your campaign may stay well-defined, the best-run paid search campaigns continually make short-term adjustments to strategy. This allows us to capitalize on seasonality, changing business metrics, and the fluidity of the marketplace. As part of the SCORE Method, your PPC strategy will follow suit.

  • Define Goals Based On Budget, Success Metrics, & Risk Tolerance
  • Identify Your Competitive Advantages To Be Highlighted
  • Make Note Of Promotions, Sales, & Special Offers
  • Anticipate Trends, Seasonality, & Changes In The Industry
AdWords & Analytics Dashboards
Paid Search Ad Groups

Create New Revenue Opportunities.

As your overall campaign strategy is defined and adapted, new opportunities to expand your campaign and create new revenue will emerge. In this phase, a wide net is cast to discover the most lucrative new avenues to explore in your paid search campaign.

  • Build Out A List Of New Keywords To Capture Relevant Traffic
  • Associate Keywords With Compelling Calls To Action
  • Make The Campaigns User-Friendly & Highly Segmented
  • Set Up Proper Conversion Tracking To Make Leads Attributable

Optimize Keywords & Bids To Maximize Results.

The "Optimize" phase of SCORE is all about ROI. Strategy has been adapted, new revenue opportunities have been discovered, and now we work to extract the most value for every dollar spent in your paid search campaign.

  • Optimize Bids To Drive The Highest Quality Traffic At The Lowest Cost
  • Perform Frequent Search Query Analysis
  • Carry Out Trending Analysis (Day-To-Day, Week-To-Week, Etc.)
  • Remain Cognizant Of Value Analysis
Reporting On Paid Search
Paid Search Ad Examples

Research, Hypothesize, & Test.

Testing lies at the heart of our paid search management philosophy. The data is there; the magic is in knowing what to test to produce the greatest additional results. In this phase, we go back to the lab to discover the improvements that are hidden in the data of your new campaign.

  • Identify The Best Ads & Why They Are Outperforming Others
  • Consider Running Google AdWords Campaign Experiments
  • Evaluate Landing Page Optimization Opportunities
  • Engage With The Newest Beta Opportunities

Expand Into New Markets & Mediums.

The one commonality between all paid search campaigns is that both the marketplace and the technology are constantly evolving. Instead of allowing even high-performing campaigns to coast, at Wpromote we relentlessly look to identify opportunities to drive business through new channels. Each new opportunity is subjected to Wpromote's SCORE Method to bring your campaign to new heights.

  • Port Successful AdWords Campaigns Into Bing Ads
  • Develop A Facebook Campaign To Complement Paid Search Campaigns
  • Take Advantage Of The Mobile Search & Display Networks
  • Build Out A Highly Segmented Display Campaign
PPC Google Shopping

Though they vary vastly in size, industry and location, Wpromote clients share one wonderful trait: they all sleep soundly at night knowing that their online marketing is in good hands. Come join them.

“Our paid search revenues had stagnated and our original agency couldn’t drive growth without sacrificing the bottom line. We were amazed when Wpromote was able to grow our revenues and actually lower our ad spend for every dollar we made.”

Cam Fortin, Director of Business Development,
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