At Wpromote, we think of email as an incredible untapped opportunity. Our proven results have more than doubled sales for our clients. With our Email Marketing, you can unlock your hidden potential and draw out massive ROI you didn’t know existed.

Our customized and growth-oriented approach helps you manage:
List Management & Growth
Segmentation & Personalization
Regular Campaign Optimization
Driven Customer Acquisition

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Custom Workflow Management

Email workflows are a complex science blended with an intricate art, and we at Wpromote have mastered the delicate balance required to make them work best. Some examples of emails set up through workflows can include:

  • Welcome Series
  • Shopping Cart Abandonment
  • Reengagement
  • Post-Purchase
  • Win-Back
  • Promotional


Email’s most powerful trait is its ability to segment audiences and personalize messages to each recipient. This helps us tell the story your customers want to hear and market the messages they are most interested in. Many businesses use segmentation without taking it to the next step of leveraging the segments for personalization.

  • Segmentation will split your customers into smaller groups based on interests and/or demographics, and then leverage those groups for targeted messaging.
  • Personalization will individualize specific emails for specific customers based on user personas, boosting customer loyalty.
Personalized Emails
Deliver 6x Higher
Transaction Rates

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