Strategic scholarship campaigns are a golden opportunity for your brand or business to do something truly altruistic while at the same time increasing your reach, presence, and authority in the online space through both search and social media. However, scholarship campaigns are not “set it and forget it” initiatives. There are a lot of moving parts to a scholarship campaign that must align in order for it to meet all of its goals.

It All Starts With A Concept.

Let’s be perfectly honest: just about anyone can offer to give away money to prospective college students and call it a scholarship contest. And more often than not, that boilerplate approach to what is in fact a very unique undertaking can end with opportunities being missed. Wpromote’s methodology for running scholarship campaigns includes a methodical ideation process that takes into account:

  • Your Brand & Core Product Offering(s)
  • Scholarship Focus That Ensures The Most Impact
  • Engaging Barrier To Entry That Encourages Creativity

Create Great Landing Pages.

We’ll make sure to have a scholarship concept set in stone that we feel has the necessary criteria to get maximum reach and really make an impact for the students as well as for your brand. Once that’s done, we then set about crafting an engaging landing page for prospective entrants and school administrators to evaluate and decide whether or not they want to participate.

Get Full Compliance Plus Terms & Conditions.

Scholarships, like any other contests, require a very specific set of terms and conditions that need to be met before they can be publicized. Accordingly, before any outreach is conducted or scholarship awards are given away, Wpromote will work to guide you so that all aspects of your campaign are compliant with applicable laws and see that terms and conditions are met to ensure a successful launch.

Outreach & Promotion For Your Scholarship Campaign.

Once the ideation and creation phases of the campaign are done, and all terms of the scholarship are defined, the fun will begin. Scholarship outreach, much like any other form of organic promotion, is a matter of pounding the proverbial pavement and putting in the hours and elbow grease to make sure that the campaign is a success and that all of your strategic goals are met.

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