From High Costs To High Returns

Providence, the third largest not‑for‑profit health system in the US, had run into a problem.

Despite a notable organic presence and repeated success with more direct channels, Providence needed new ways to leverage search to help patients find their ways to Providence healthcare centers. With executives not entirely convinced of the efficacy of paid search, Providence’s marketing team needed to be able to accomplish two separate but related goals: significantly boost return on paid search investment, and turn prospects into clients. To meet these goals while keeping costs down, Providence needed an agency willing to challenge conventional thinking and set high bars for performance. That agency was Wpromote.

To take on this sizable challenge, Providence and Wpromote worked together to implement best practices across a complex cluster of accounts.

A grand total of nineteen different accounts each required very technical optimizations and massive restructuring. Using the latest Google alphas and betas, as well as close contacts with Google reps, Wpromote pushed Providence to be one of the first in their industry to set up in-store tracking, and their insider access to all the newest Google offerings gave them a direct path to the top of the SERPs. The complete integration between the Wpromote team and every aspect of Providence’s internal marketing team helped Providence’s digital marketing campaigns run like a well-oiled machine, and Providence was able to completely turn their campaigns around.

Helping Patients & Lowering Costs

Ongoing SEM testing and bidding strategies increased appointments 65.29% YoY

CPAs were lowered by up to 91%

Dropped CPCs across all accounts, as high as 80%

Providence was one of the first in the healthcare industry to set up in-store tracking for their locations

With tighter structure and reorganized spend, Providence completely transformed their paid search efforts, exceeding their annual goals within just a few short months.

Commanding greater traffic with the same level of budget spend, Providence experienced greater PPC performance than ever before. Wpromote and Providence built a foundation of healthy business growth through careful, customized strategies that lowered CPAs from anywhere between 50% to 91%, and dropped CPCs across their accounts. As a well-loved partner and member of the Wpromote family, Providence discovered that challenging themselves and their expectations could translate to record-breaking success.

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