From Small-Scale Paid Social to Advanced Juggernaut

5.11 Tactical has a dedicated following of customers who love them, and their organic social was soaring.

However, they wanted to capitalize on their social networks from a paid advertising perspective. 5.11 was looking for a partner who would be able to sustainably scale their paid social efforts—and they found Wpromote.

5.11’s growing paid social presented a new opportunity: could they use social to drive followers to newly opened stores?

Over the past two years, 5.11 opened their doors to over 40 brick-and-mortar stores, and the brand wanted to integrate their current strategy with efforts to drive in-store traffic.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday provided the perfect opportunity to test paid social’s influence on in-store traffic.

Wpromote and 5.11 Tactical set out to test three different objectives within Facebook and Instagram to determine which would be more likely to drive in-store revenue during this period: Store Visits, Reach, and Event Response. Each objective had its own benefits, from map cards to cost efficiency to engagement. Targeting included audiences of new users similar to 5.11 purchasers (lookalikes) and retargeting past purchasers to come back in-store.

Efforts began with allocating more budget to reach campaigns, which saw the most success by volume, gaining the most reach and the most total revenue attributed.

However, as the campaigns picked up traction, the data told another story: event response campaigns were more efficient, generating more revenue per user reached and a lower cost-per-purchase in-store.

A Transformation Story

reach campaigns generated
of total offline revenue with 60% of the total investment

Event response campaigns saw a
higher conversion rate than reach campaigns with 30% of the total investment

Event response campaigns delivered
lower cost-per-action than reach campaigns additionally with 30% of the total investment
By shifting their thinking towards allocating budget accordingly for each objective in all future sale campaigns, 5.11 Tactical was able to enjoy significant online-to-offline conversion success.
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