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Case Study

Harnessing First-Party Data To Power Holistic Search Strategy

Wpromote and the Intuit QuickBooks Holistic Search team took a cutting-edge approach to drive incremental performance through an integrated paid and organic search strategy, leveraging first-party data to increase customer engagement, attract new customers, and improve efficiency.

Their Story

Giving Small Business Owners The Tools They Need To Succeed

Intuit QuickBooks is a market-leading financial software company focused on helping small-to-medium businesses (SMB) prosper around the world with a suite of financial software products. They aim to minimize friction for SMB owners and make their search for the right solutions less time-consuming.

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  • “Our teams at Quickbooks and Wpromote converged in a state of trust, respect, and an intrinsic will to push the limits in finding new ways of helping our customers.”
    Brad Neelan
    Head of Holistic Search, Intuit Quickbooks

The Challenge

Breaking Down Silos to Build A Seamless Customer Journey

Small business owners often have limited time and bandwidth to spend researching the products they need to successfully run their businesses, and Intuit QuickBooks needed to find a way to efficiently connect the right user with the right product in an intensely competitive industry.

Intuit Quickbooks partnered with Wpromote to help bridge the gaps between the brand’s unique product offerings and unlock the ability to apply multi-product lifetime revenue (LTR) to each conversion touchpoint, align messaging with consumer intent, and optimize campaigns via first-party data signals in real-time.

Because paid and organic data typically live in siloed platforms and reporting solutions, creating a seamless customer experience on the SERP can be difficult. The Intuit QuickBooks and Wpromote teams identified opportunities to take a holistic approach, then leveraged the channel-agnostic data to accurately match search intent to the product results served to users.

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The Solution

Leveraging Channel-Agnostic Data to Identify Opportunities

Intuit Quickbooks worked with Wpromote to reinvent how search data is utilized and identify the ideal user experience on the SERP. Together, our teams were able to leverage channel-agnostic data to more accurately match user search intent to the product results served, which drove incremental performance improvements.

The Wpromote team leveraged Intuit QuickBooks’ deterministic SMB data insights to understand how lifetime revenue (LTR) contributed to a conversion. Wpromote also studied category conversion propensities and bounce rates on key pages of the website to identify which actions had the most impact on the purchase decision, then used a proprietary content weighting system to extract insights into how customers were actually consuming site content.

Intuit QuickBooks and Wpromote used those learnings to take a more holistic approach to search strategy, including re-engineering RSAs and rolling out DSA coverage in combination with value-based smart bidding (VBB) across multiple conversion touchpoints. That meant that prospective customers were served the right content across both paid and organic channels while they embarked on the beginning of the purchase journey.

Channels + Services

Paid Search
Content Marketing
Search Intelligence & Analytics
Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing

using holistic search insights to understand customer needs

Wpromote and the Intuit Quickbooks Holistic Search team developed a richer understanding of customer needs and behavior beyond query intent, which translated into significant business results across the funnel.

  • +23% Non-Brand CVR YoY
  • +22% Non-Brand Conversions YoY
  • +7% Non-Brand Revenue & ROAS YoY

Proof Is In The Numbers