Online Marketing Experiments

The one constant you can count on with online marketing is that it is always changing.

From steady updates to Google’s algorithm and ever-expanding marketing platforms to emerging industry tools and an evolving landscape in web design, it’s hard to keep up with all the current trends. And that’s before taking into account the conflicting and often outright contradictory “best practice” campaign strategies that come with it. Knowing the best way to proceed with your marketing campaigns can be a real challenge.

That’s where Wpromote University comes in. As an industry leader, we’ve started chronicling digital marketing experiments for every channel in an effort to show rather than tell you what’s really what in the ever-shifting Internet landscape. Is click-to-expand really dead? How important are keywords and content structure? Can emojis in your subject line improve your CTR?

Whether you have no idea what in the world those phrases mean or you’re just tired of finding a different opinion on every site, we’ll walk you through it step by step. From our observations and predictions to our results and conclusions, everything we develop is backed by hard data. Search Wpromote University’s free library of research and experimentation articles and videos!

  • Google Posts For Small- To Medium-Sized Businesses

    Many businesses, especially small- to medium-sized, aren’t sure if Google Posts are right for them. This experiment will give you the data you need to decide if your business can benefit from Google Posts!

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  • Is Click To Expand Content Dead?

    Click-to-expand content has long been a matter of fierce debate among SEOs. In this experiment, find out exactly what happens to click-to-expand content when crawled by Google.

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