The Perfect Quarterly Business Review Template


Make the most of your marketing QBR

A Quarterly Business Review (QBR) is a once-per-quarter huddle with the executive team and other stakeholders to regroup and discuss strategic initiatives, macro-level trends, and return on investment (ROI) of their marketing dollars. Common discussion points include:

  1. What did we learn this quarter?
  2. What did we accomplish this quarter?
  3. What are we going to accomplish next quarter?

These quarterly meetings are crucial to success: they help foster relationships between teams, spread the word about what your marketing team is working on, and evangelize the impact digital marketing has on the business as a whole.
We’ve put together a presentation template you can use to make sure you’re making the most of your QBR. You’ll guide a meeting through:

  • Deconstructing your goals: outline your priorities and measure against metrics that tie to business objectives
  • Telling the story through data: make sure you’re highlighting the insights that count
  • Looking to the future: what you’ve learned and what you’re planning to do next



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