Red Alert: Execs Reveal Disconnect Between 2022 Marketing Budget & Planning

New data exposes performance blindspots in high level strategy decisions marketing executives are making for 2022.

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New Survey Data Indicates Potential Enterprise Marketing Mistakes in 2022 Strategic Decisions

A new survey from Wpromote and Ascend2 indicates the constant changes of the past two years and future unknowns may be affecting enterprise marketing plans in unexpected ways.

Download the full report to learn how budgets are changing and where strong 2021 performance isn’t necessarily translating to future strategy.

Our experts dive into the data and share how your business can avoid some major pitfalls and media mistakes by explaining what to do next when:

  • Most marketing leaders are confident in their ability to pivot, but nearly 1 in 5 indicate they don’t have sufficient budget to test new marketing initiatives
  • Executives recognize first-party data needs to be a major priority, but less than a quarter are allocating significant budget to it in 2022
  • Content marketing is by far the most effective upper funnel channel, but budgets are dipping for content in the next year

Make sure you’re ready for whatever comes next and armed with the data you need to drive better decisions and dominate the market in 2022.



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