The Complete Guide to Crowdfunding Marketing


Build and launch pre-order campaigns that move fast, raise funds, and impress investors

The biggest challenge in marketing might just be pre-order campaigns: building a campaign to market a product that doesn’t exist yet isn’t for the faint of heart.

But there is a formula to crowdfunding success. Our experts, who crafted and executed the record-breaking $28 million pre-order campaign for Glowforge’s 3-D laser printer, have put together the definitive guide to powerful crowdfunding marketing that doesn’t just drive pre-orders, but sets up your start-up for the next series of investor funding.

Learn what it takes to win at each stage of the pre-order campaign lifecycle:

  • The Basics: Evaluating Your Pre-Order Offering
  • The Advance Work: Pre-Launch Preparation
  • The Launch: Putting the Crowd in Crowdfunding
  • The Next Phase: From Pre-Order to Growth & Innovation

From quickly building brand-new audiences to deploying agile strategies that make the most of the limited duration of your pre-order campaign window, explore the possibilities of crowdfunding and pre-order campaigns for your business.



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