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Unlock Your Brand’s Full TikTok Potential

TikTok is one of the most powerful platforms for brand growth on the planet. Our TikTok partnership gives our clients first-mover opportunities and continued education so they can get the edge on the competition, connect with audiences, and achieve their most important business outcomes.

Get Exclusive Access to First-Mover Opportunities

The early adopter advantage is real, especially on a platform like TikTok, which plays a central role in the purchase journey for consumers around the globe. Our partnership will put you at the front of the line to test new alpha/beta features like Digital Out of Phone, TikTok Shop, Creative Marketplace, and TikTok Search.


Stay Ahead of the Curve With Dedicated Training

TikTok moves fast: to win, you need to stay on top of everything from the latest trends to changing consumer behavior to new platform features. TikTok works with Wpromote to create tailored trainings and ongoing education on the latest functionality and best practices so you can stay a step ahead of your competitors and maximize results from the platform.

Maximize TikTok’s Impact on Your Business


Harness the Power of TikTok

We have built a cross-functional TikTok Task Force to make sure our clients are positioned to succeed on the fastest-growing social media platform, bringing in experts from across our social, influencer, media strategy, performance creative, and data strategy teams to make the most of opportunities like:

  • Creator Marketplace Agency Success Program
  • TikTok Shop Partner
  • TikTok Digital Out of Phone
  • TikTok Creative Marketplace
  • TikTok Search
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TikTok Partnership Insights

roasted chicken and yummly thermometer

Powering Record-Breaking Results With TikTok
Yummly needed to generate interest and drive sales of its innovative product, the Smart Thermometer. Wpromote realized that the Smart Thermometer was a great fit for Father’s Day 2022, zeroing in on short-form video content as the ideal way to showcase the product’s unique features. The team armed ten diverse influencers with promo codes and the product to cook their favorite recipe using the product on TikTok, increasing awareness, generating strong social engagement, and driving revenue growth, culminating in one of the brand’s best months ever.

305% Higher Click-Through Rate
83% Lower Cost-Per-Click
Kidkraft Beat Board outside of Costco

Selling Out a New Product With a TikTok Influencer Strategy
Wpromote partnered with KidKraft to generate brand awareness and drive purchases for the launch of Beat Board, working with influencers to position the product as the perfect addition to a classic family game night. Using our data-backed partner identification solution, the Wpromote team chose sixteen diverse influencers who had relevant audiences across TikTok and other social platforms to create compelling content. The strategy successfully drove awareness and built excitement about the Beat Board, resulting in a complete sell-out of the product.

4.6M Unique reach
80K Engagements
twisted metal

Leveraging TikTok Creators to Adapt in Real Time
When the Hollywood strikes pulled the plug on promotional appearances just as the campaign for Twisted Metal launched, the Peacock and Wpromote teams had to pivot to build a new influencer-centric strategy in record time. The team quickly built a new influencer-centric strategy, leveraging new creator partners from the video game, cosplay, and comedy communities to bring the series to life and build buzz across TikTok and other social platforms, serving up the big numbers Peacock needed.

32M True Reach
987K Engagements

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