Many PPC agencies in New York claim that they are the best around, and it’s difficult to know which ones truly meet and exceed your goals through quality PPC efforts online. Read on to learn why and how Wpromote is more than just talk, and that we truly offer the most impactful PPC services in the Big Apple.

Unlike most PPC-oriented agencies, Wpromote has truly been around since the inception of PPC. Our early onset relationship with Google has benefited Wpromote’s PPC efforts through today, as Wpromote is one of the select few agencies known as a Google Premier Partner. Wpromote’s PPC team has exclusive access to new Google alphas and betas that can help us test new strategies, learn new techniques, and ultimately grow our PPC presence for our wide variety of clients. We have the experience, tools, and support that other PPC agencies tend to lack.

Still not convinced? Take a look at what these businesses, which we’ve helped grow beyond their expectations, have to say about our expertise.


Paid search, or Pay-Per-Click (PPC), marketing is the use of specific strategies and tactics to improve companies’ brand awareness and reach, with the goal of getting more traffic to your site and driving more revenue to your business. What sets Wpromote’s PPC services apart is that we are invested in building quality ads that both represent your brand’s aesthetic and also encourage customers to purchase or submit a web form sooner rather than later. We utilize an expert understanding of the different aspects that lead to a higher ad quality score and lower CPC in order to make sure your invested media dollars are being spent efficiently and profitably.

Learn more about our PPC process below.


With any new PPC effort, your PPC Manager will complete extensive research into your website structure and brand voice, your products or services, and your PPC history and experience. Your PPC Manager will use this research when devising a strategy for and creating your PPC campaigns, working towards as targeted and efficient a launch as possible from the get-go.


Many of your competitors in NY and nationwide are effectively utilizing PPC, so your PPC Manager will be compiling research to see different keywords that your competitors may be targeting and deduce whether or not these keywords are the right fit for your business to bid on. We will be able to explore a history of previous competitors in the search network and analyze the ad copy creation of your ideal company competitors.


Selecting the right keywords for your PPC strategy is an integral and constant part of effectively running PPC campaigns to reach your goals.


Ad copy for PPC is a key component and the initial way we can entice your existing and future customers to click through to your site and convert. We strive to articulate your brand aesthetic and will review ad copy with you prior to launching.


Our PPC Managers can scan your conversion and ROI tracking presently in your platforms to troubleshoot for any errors prior to launching. We also work closely with your team to deduce goals that are unique to your business.


Tracking multiple sorts of conversions can be tricky, so our PPC Managers are here to assist with setting up and troubleshooting tracking efforts specialized to your business, such as product sales, web form submissions, and phone calls.


We know that analyzing data is like uncovering gold, and discovering trends from our PPC campaign performance is something we take very seriously. It is only through detailed data analysis that we can continue adapt our PPC strategy toward further growth for your business. We provide reporting to suit your business needs and goals, and our PPC Managers love to help articulate the story your reports are presenting.


Wpromote’s PPC team has exclusive access to alphas and betas in both the Google and Bing networks as a result of close partnerships with both of these major platforms. Your PPC Manager will make sure to keep you updated on any relevant advancements in the PPC world that can help grow your business and improve your PPC strategy.


Part of our PPC strategy involves analyzing your customer base and utilizing pre-existing and newly gathered geographic and time-of-day data to work toward targeting your customers. We'll find them at the times and in the locations where they're more likely to engage and convert.

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Paid search marketing (otherwise known as SEM (search engine marketing) or Pay-Per-Click (PPC)) is a marketing and advertising channel that utilizes advertising platforms and website content to increase brand awareness, drive revenue, and grow company reach. PPC utilizes paid advertisements that show in either the search networks or display networks (including YouTube) to increase visibility of a product, service, or offering.

A paid search result is any ad that shows up in the top 3 - 4 places or bottom 3 - 4 places of a Google or Bing Search page. Paid search results are also product images you see above and next to your search results, banner/image ads on other websites you see as you are browsing, and videos you can skip prior to watching your desired YouTube video.

Keywords are the queries people use to search online. Knowing which keywords people are searching for that relate to your business and products is a critical part of a PPC strategy.

Depending on your industry and product type, we can test search campaigns, display campaigns, remarketing campaigns, YouTube campaigns, shopping campaigns, and mobile campaigns. Additional layers of demographic and geographic strategies can be applied, as well as relevant topic, interest, and keyword targeting for each respective campaign.

Without PPC, most businesses will struggle to have their company websites show up for non-branded search queries and risk losing branded search queries to their competitors. This severely limits the ability of your brand to gain awareness and reach new customers, and decreases your customer retention.

PPC and SEO are two channels that work strongly together; however, a company should still utilize PPC efforts in addition to SEO because PPC ads still appear above organic listings. You want your business to always be top of mind, so because PPC real estate is above organic listings and, in most cases, above the SERPs fold, you're making sure that your business is thought of prior to competitors. In addition, it's great to run both in conjunction with each other because the more your company name can dominate the search results, the stronger your brand awareness and customer retention will be. The idea is to keep your brand name prevalent in a customer's mind.

It is a best practice to run on your brand name to ensure retention and nurturing of already brand-aware customers. Imagine a customer who hears of your brand via word of mouth, but upon searching, sees the first 4 web results being for different companies. The customer then clicks and browses a competing company's site and maybe even makes a purchase. More often than not, competitor companies target other brand names as a keyword, wanting to reach that brand's established audience. By running on brand, we are ensuring that our customers always see our results and are not tempted to stray to a competitor, and our branded efforts tend to have lower CPCs, higher quality scores, and higher average positions.

PPC, like any digital marketing channel, takes time to ramp up to speed. Any new campaign needs time to adapt to the search network and actual engagement of customers, and usually it takes the first 2 weeks to 1 month for data to fully populate in order for our expert PPC Managers to heavily dive in and make adjustments based on actual user behavior. After the 1st month and into the 2nd month, we typically begin seeing performance move toward our goals, and by the 3rd month, we should expect to see quality performance. However, this timeline can be subject to the needs of different industries.

Our New York PPC Managers are the best of the best and have a proven track record of delivering quality results to our clients. Whether we are working with small to medium businesses trying to break into the market and build their brand, or with industry leaders looking to reach new customers, Wpromote's PPC team has the solutions and expertise for you. Unlike other PPC agencies, there's no one strategy here. When we work together, we truly aim to be an extension of your internal team, learning the ins and outs of your business and your goals with PPC. We maintain full transparency throughout our partnership, and take comfort knowing that your PPC strategy will always be customized to your company's needs, goals, limitations, and available assets.

Check out our blog, where we often have posts on PPC topics and news. Also visit Wpromote University, where we have dozens of guides on PPC topics.


Wpromote is "Laser Focused On Challenger Brands Looking To Steal Market Share" According To The 2017 Forrester Search Marketing Wave.
Wpromote has been awarded Agency of the Year — SEM in the 2017 Search Engine Land “Landy Awards”.
Wpromote has been recognized and awarded two years running as a Best Place to Work in Advertising & Media by Ad Age.
For 11 consecutive years Wpromote has made the Inc. 5000 list of the Fastest Growing Companies in America.
Wpromote prides itself on being a Premier Google Partner, a Facebook Marketing Partner, and a Bing Ads partner.
Wpromote’s Glassdoor ranking is one of the highest of any firm in the country, with 93% of reviewers recommending Wpromote to a friend.



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