Holiday Planning 2021: Sleigh the Competition in a Hypercompetitive Q4

AUGUST 25  |  11am PT/2pm ET


Event Overview

More than ever before, customers expect brands to deliver a seamless, simple, engaging experience that isn’t just focused on a single purchase. If your brand is going to break through an immensely competitive holiday season this year, you need to be ready.

We’re bringing in top digital marketing experts from Adweek, Google, and Calvin Klein to break down the data and predict which strategies and tactics you’ll need to capture market share during the biggest shopping season of the year. We’ll dig into how your brand should adapt to changes in customer behavior over the last year—and make sure you’re fully prepared to dominate through the end of Q4.

Our panel of experts will be tackling your most burning questions, like:

  • What new challenges and unique opportunities do you need to be prepared for as you plan for holiday 2021?
  • How can you build agility and responsiveness into your Q4 planning when restrictions around shopping and travel continue to evolve?
  • How will the changes to data policies and regulations affect your ability to connect with your customers and optimize your holiday campaigns?
  • What do you need to do to make sure you’re not just set to win the holiday, but setting your brand up for success in 2022?

Meet The Speakers

katie wilson

Katie Wilson

Head Of Ecommerce Southwest

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nilukshi de silva

Nilukshi De Silva

Global Head of Digital Marketing & Content Strategy for Calvin Klein Fragrances

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stephanie paterik

Stephanie Paterik

Editor in Chief, SVP

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mike mothner

Mike Mothner

Founder & CEO

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