Culture, Community, and Conversion

How Connection Drives Business Growth

tuesday, april 25  |  12:30pm PT/3:30pm ET

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Marketing performance depends on forging authentic connections

No matter how you slice it, marketing has traditionally been divided into two camps: performance or brand, quantitative analysis or qualitative feedback, community-focused or conversion-driven. Across the industry, those distinctions are collapsing as consumers demand that brands truly earn their dollars by engaging at a deeper level.

Business growth now depends on authentic brand connection. You need to find a way to bridge that gap if you want your brand to win.

We’re bringing together two people leading the charge toward a unified approach to marketing that drives both long-term brand power and measurable business outcomes for one can’t-miss conversation.

Join the master of community connection Marcus Collins, Clinical Assistant Professor of Marketing at the University of Michigan Ross School of Business, and performance marketing powerhouse Mike Mothner, Founder and CEO of Wpromote, to explore how to:

  • Translate audience insights into a powerful, effective full-funnel strategy
  • Connect and engage with audiences using creative and messaging that really resonates
  • Make the business case for prioritizing culture and community in your marketing

Meet the Speakers

marcus collins

Marcus Collins

Clinical Assistant Professor of Marketing, Ross School of Business, University of Michigan

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mike mothner

Mike Mothner

Founder & CEO, Wpromote 

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marcus collins book

Coming Soon: For The Culture by Marcus Collins

There’s no force more influential on human behavior than culture. If we can fully understand what culture is and the underlying physics of how it works, then we can leverage its sway to get people to take action. Marcus Collins pulls from both theory and practice—using stories from his own work spearheading digital strategy for Beyoncé to working with fortune 500 companies like Apple, McDonald’s, and State Farm—to break down how culture gets people to move.


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