Using Paid Search to Drive Revenue in a Competitive Market

POLYWOOD® has been a Challenger brand since their inception.

When government recycling programs began generating heaps of recycled plastic, POLYWOOD® wanted to find a way to use the surplus. They created a raw material called POLYWOOD® in the late 1980s, and it became an ideal outdoor furniture material that also benefited the earth. Combining innovation and a compelling mission, they quickly emerged as an outdoor furniture leader.

For the majority of their history, they were a B2B company, but saw the opportunity to work directly with end consumers as well.

They recognized a market for those looking to upgrade their outdoor furniture while making a positive impact.

When Wpromote helped to launch the B2C brand in 2017, POLYWOOD® needed a strong go-to-market strategy for digital.

The outdoor furniture marketplace was highly competitive, with medium-size Ecommerce competitors and big-box retailers vying for the same consumers. Many lookalike brands also flooded the space.

Combining these hurdles with aggressive revenue goals, our Wpromote team knew they had their work cut out for them.

We strategically developed brand-focused paid search campaigns that drove high growth while continually becoming more efficient by:

Focusing on audiences and purchase intent

Differentiating the brand through unique brand messaging and landing page experiences

Utilizing a wide variety of campaign types and targeting capabilities

Analyzing cross-media and competitor trends to optimize for growth

When their first year was a success despite the highly competitive landscape, POLYWOOD® decided to double and triple down on their investments to be recognized as one of the leaders in the space.

As a result of implementing creative strategies, advanced techniques, and hard work, POLYWOOD® did just that.

A Transformation Story

increase in sales Q2 year-over-year

decrease in cost-per-order Q2

increase in AOV Q2 year-over-year
increase in sales Q3 year-over-year

decrease in cost-per-order Q3

increase in AOV Q3 year-over-year

Through close collaboration between the integrated Wpromote team and POLYWOOD®, the online launch was an immediate and continued triumph.

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