From Unsegmented Audiences To
High-Value Cohorts

Erin Condren implemented a fully integrated digital marketing strategy with Wpromote and were seeing great results.

But instead of resting on this success, Erin Condren, like many brands, was looking for key tactics to help them grow the business.

To reach these goals, our teams joined forces to conduct a lifetime value (LTV) analysis of about 5 years of customer data to determine Erin Condren’s current customer LTV, predict future customer LTV, and discover purchase trends.

Seeking to leverage these insights ongoing the Erin Condren team set up a regular data transfer process to make sure that insights were shared with Wpromote’s Data Science team. Together we created a living model that was refreshed monthly which predicted each customer’s future spend with Erin Condren.

Thanks to these new insights into Erin Condren’s customer base, our team was able to create lookalike prospecting campaigns modeled on the highest value customers.

This enabled us to acquire new-to-file customers for CPAs 25% less than other prospecting campaigns. Paid efforts became laser-focused on acquiring high quality new customers, who were predicted to spend 10x their CPA within 12 months.

We generated a 34.5% QoQ increase in organic traffic to evergreen content by targeting new customers who fit the persona of a high LTV Erin Condren customer.

Leveraging these insights, we looked to apply this to other areas of our strategy. One of the ways we did this was through creating a content calendar and conducting onsite video optimization tailored to the interests of the highest value customer personas.

A Transformation Story

Wpromote & Erin Condren built a living model to predictively segment customers

Erin Condren acquired new customers for 25% lower CPAs

These high-value new customers were expected to spend 10x their CPA within 12 months

Through our partnership we were able to gain tremendous new insight into Erin Condren’s customer base and discover a way to profitably and sustainably scale new customer acquisition.

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