Pushing Cleveland Golf To Innovate & Integrate Their Digital Marketing

As Cleveland Golf was undertaking the exciting challenge of opening a brand new Ecommerce store,

they knew they’d need help from the experts. Wpromote was brought on board to craft an online marketing campaign that would fulfill their paid search, organic search, and integrated strategy needs.

Wpromote immediately launched a multi-pronged digital marketing plan

to meet Cleveland Golf’s ambitious goals. First, the premium golf equipment brand hoped to build a comprehensive paid search campaign, including display and remarketing ads. Second, they wanted to create and disseminate engaging off-site SEO to generate multi-channel brand awareness. Last and certainly not least, they looked to Wpromote to increase overall ROI.

We got right to work on a total paid search overhaul,

optimizing and expanding Cleveland Golf’s keyword list, creating several different campaigns for optimal testing, and developing new promotional ad copy. Special attention was paid to seasonality to increase visibility during peak months.

A comprehensive new off-site SEO campaign was built

focusing on engaging, educational infographics, the most successful of which was prominently featured on the widely read homepage of Golf.com. On-site technical improvements were made to support these off-site efforts, such as repairing faulty redirects.

A Transformation Story

increase in overall revenue year-over-year thanks to the newly designed paid search campaigns

exposure achieved through the use of infographics, putting Cleveland Golf in front of consumers nationwide

increase in ROI in just one year as the new Ecommerce store took off
Paid and organic strategies combined to create a whole greater than the sum of their parts: by using the success of off-site SEO projects to bolster and supplement paid search ads, Wpromote and Cleveland Golf created an integrated, holistic campaign that proved very successful for the brand.
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