Pentair advertisement touting conservation consciousness

Case Study

Increasing Campaign CTR With Performance Creative

After Pentair Water Solutions acquired Pelican, they launched a brand new ecommerce site. They partnered with Wpromote to figure out a way to increase CTR in campaigns driving to the site by leveraging updated creative and testing new ad and channel options.

Their Story

Making the Most of Life’s Essential Resources

From industrial water management to water straight from the kitchen faucet (and everywhere in between), Pentair Water Solutions delivers solutions that help people move, improve, and enjoy water through sustainable applications that help ensure the health of the world.

The Challenge

Raising Brand Awareness in a Time of Transition

Pentair Water Solutions needed to incorporate the newly acquired Pelican brand into their wider marketing strategy. They worked with the Wpromote team to identify opportunities to improve performance through the transition, including iterating on and elevating past concepts that worked for Pelican, exploring net new ads that were Pentair-specific, increasing campaign CTR to drive more traffic to the new site, differentiating Pentair from their competitors, and expanding into paid social and programmatic ads. To bring all of these elements together, Wpromote needed to find a creative approach and branding style that followed the best D2C practices for social and would work across channels.

Portrait of five children leaning over the edge of a swimming pool and kicking up water behind them

The Solution

Crafting Creative That Resonates With the Consumer

Wpromote started testing which Pentair Water Solutions value propositions best resonated with consumers. The two primary themes were “conservation-conscious” and “one-stop show for all your water needs.” Wpromote started by testing “conservation-conscious” versus “one-stop-shop for all your water needs.”

While both value proposition statements performed well, “conservation-conscious” was the clear winner with a CTR of 3.33%. This outperformed the Pelican CTR benchmark by 362%, as well as the Pentair soft launch CTR benchmark.

Once the winning value proposition was determined, the next step was to iterate on the creative by changing the imagery, leveraging iconography, and using quicker cuts to get the message across.

Channels + Services

Paid Social
Performance Creative

Father and son washing spinach leaves in a kitchen sink

The Results

Outperforming Benchmarks One Mission Statement at a Time

For the second iteration of conservation-conscious, Wpromote included more lifestyle imagery of a father and son getting ready in the morning that directly spoke to Pentair Water Solution’s conservation-focused value proposition. The creative drove a CTR of 8.5%, outperforming expectations and clocking in at 1,032% over the Pelican benchmark.

  • 8.5% Campaign CTR
  • 1,032% Improvement Over Benchmark