QuickList is the smart, fast, and cost-effective way to increase your website’s visibility and traffic online. QuickList is a service unlike any other. Our QuickList campaigns rest on the same technology platform that manages the paid search campaigns of our Fortune 500 clients, enabling clients like you to experience this elite level of expertise at a fraction of the cost. QuickList is the best way to get a professionally managed paid search campaign on a small business budget.

How It Works:

With QuickList your company will receive a professionally managed search advertising campaign on Google that is customized based on the keywords most closely related to your business. To begin, your consultant will do research on your business, location, and competition to become a pseudo expert in your industry. Next, a comprehensive campaign will be developed with multiple ad variations and targeted keywords. Your campaign will then be launched and will immediately start driving potential customers to your website.

All QuickList Campaigns Will Include:

Dedicated Management

At Wpromote we focus on a personal approach. Each QuickList client receives a dedicated consultant that will act as your one point of contact to assist with any questions and concerns that arise.

Keyword Research & Analysis

Using proprietary keyword research tools, Wpromote undertakes extensive keyword analysis to ensure that every new client’s campaign encompasses all possible, relevant search terms.

A-B Testing

Throughout the campaign Wpromote will perform tests to determine which ads perform the best and optimize the account accordingly. The ultimate goal is to maximize clickthrough rates and obtain the lowest overall cost per conversion.

Matching Ad To Landing Page

Through creative management and landing page analysis, Wpromote focuses on capturing the lead by ensuring ads are matched with and sending potential clients to their most appropriate landing pages.

Geographic Targeting

Campaigns can be targeted towards users in the geographic location that your company serves. Paid search budgets are never wasted on visitors that are outside the targeted location, which allows for precise and efficient spending.

Account Transparency & Control

With QuickList you will have full account transparency so you can view your campaign progress at any time. You will also have control over your budget and can adjust your account’s spend whenever needed to reflect seasonality, promotions and business goals.

Campaign Reporting & Consultation

Each month you will receive a report detailing the performance of your paid search campaign. Your consultant will explain what efforts to optimize your campaign have been executed over the last month and discuss key performance indicators (KPIs) with you.

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