We Make Mondays Suck Less.


We Make Mondays Suck Less.

Wpromote isn’t your typical digital marketing agency.

By making it our mission to Make Mondays Suck Less, we strive to produce results that you’ll be excited to see and we’ll be excited to deliver. When you love what you do and who you work with, your Mondays will always be better. From office perks to meaningful employee benefits, we’ve created an environment where team members are excited to come to work and clients are blown away by their performance. Talk to an expert >

Get To Know Us

We’re 425+ individuals across 8 offices, coming from diverse backgrounds and industry experience. We leverage our combination of skills and expertise to provide the best possible service for our partners and clients.

Executive Leadership
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    Michael Mothner

    Founder & CEO
    Michael Mothner is a thought leader in the online community, a regular speaker at leading industry events, and an Internet pioneer. In 2001, Michael founded Wpromote, The Challenger Agency, out of his dorm room at Dartmouth College. The company is now one of the fastest growing and widely recognized online marketing firms in the country, and he has served as CEO since its inception. He is a columnist for Inc. Magazine and was the recipient of the PricewaterhouseCoopers Entrepreneurial Spirit Award. When occasionally pried away from his laptop, Michael can be found screaming at the Lakers, eating epic sandwiches, and spending time with his dog Reggie.
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    Paul Rappoport

    Paul joined the Wpromote team as CFO in 2018 and became President in January 2019. He brings extensive financial and operational experience to the company. Paul was previously Chief Operating Officer and head of Entertainment, Media & Gaming with successful digital agencies Level Studios and Rosetta, and has held senior roles with industry leaders Disney and Activision. He lives in Palos Verdes with his wife, dog Ripley and two amazing, exhausting sons.
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    Michael Block

    Chief Operating Officer (COO)
    One of the original members of the Wpromote team, Michael is responsible for the execution of all client services and manages the overall operations of the company. With extensive online marketing experience, he also supervises strategy and planning for our largest clients. Michael is considered Wpromote's foremost expert not only on paid search, but also on single malt Scotch and paleontology. There isn't a question about whisky or dinosaurs that he can't answer, which is a great comfort to the other employees.
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    Michael Stone

    Chief Relationship Officer (CRO)
    An original member of the "three Mike" Wpromote team, Michael has worn several hats since joining Founder Mike Mothner and COO Mike Block in 2004. With over a decade of search marketing experience, Michael leads the Sales and Marketing teams while working directly with Wpromote's largest clients to develop and deploy their online marketing strategies. Nominated as Person of the Year, Sales in Los Angeles, as well as a member of Google's Performance Marketing Council, Michael can be found speaking at industry events or running around with his dog MacGruber.
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    Paul Dumais

    Chief Technology Officer (CTO)
    Paul joined the Wpromote team as CTO in 2019. He has extensive experience as an executive, systems architect, and inventor across a variety of technology ventures. Paul was previously CTO at CAKE by Accelerize Inc. and VP of Product Development at Scalable Network Technologies, and has held executive roles at a number of technology companies, both public and private. When not writing code, he loves to go scuba diving with his partner Michelle.

Client Leadership
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    Andrea Snyder

    Managing Director | Northeast
    A self-proclaimed agency girl, Andrea has been crushing it at digital agencies for nearly 20 years. She joined Wpromote in 2010 after launching award-winning digital marketing campaigns for Fortune 500 brands at agencies including Ogilvy, Digitas, and Arnold. As Wpromote's Managing Director, Northeast, Andrea heads our New York team and excels at building client partnerships and over-delivering on results. Andrea's most important role, however, is as a supermom of four, and she can be frequently found at cheerleading competitions and baseball fields.
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    Rob Phillips

    Managing Director | Southwest
    Rob is a rock star in the hospitality vertical. He spent 10 years at Wyndham Hotels & Resorts before co-founding and serving as president of Standing Dog Interactive, acquired by Wpromote in August 2016. There are few people more skilled at reaching the right consumer at the right time than Rob, one of many reasons he's now Vice President of Client Success at Wpromote. When he's not generating ROAS, he loves to travel and has gourmet cooking skills that would make Gordon Ramsay speechless.
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    Eric Reisch

    SVP | Sales & Customer Success
    The leader of Wpromote's national sales team, Eric is responsible for guiding the company to accelerated performance for our clients and boosting client win rates in their respective markets. Drawing on 15 years of experience in developing sales and customer success teams in the digital and search marketing spaces, Eric has helped brands of all shapes and sizes to redefine what getting found means. When not kept busy with his role as VP of Sales, Eric spends his time away from the office with his wife and three kids.
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    Jamie Farrell

    SVP | Marketing
    Another Southern California native, Jamie joined Wpromote in 2008 and manages a myriad of marketing initiatives in her role as SVP of Marketing. A UCLA graduate, Jamie manages Wpromote's extensive internal marketing endeavors, including major website redesigns, sales materials, tradeshows, brand reputation, press outreach, and more. Formerly working for the nation's largest shoe industry tradeshow, Jamie is Wpromote's foremost fashionista, and her excellent design aesthetic helps shape the entire Wpromote brand.
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    Jeff Harouche

    Vice President | Strategy & Planning
    A native New Yorker born and raised in Queens, Jeff graduated from New York University's Stern School of Business before moving on to the world of digital marketing. Prior to starting at Wpromote, Jeff directed strategy for and held digital marketing roles with companies like LG Electronics, TD Bank, American Express, and CNN, accruing nearly twenty years of digital marketing experience. When not developing insights-based strategies for our clients, Jeff can be found spending time with his wife and daughter or working on his fantasy football roster.
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    Marissa Allen

    Vice President | Strategic Account Management
    Marissa Allen joined Wpromote in 2008 to bring her expertise as an Ecommerce and paid media guru to the table and challenge Wpromote clients to succeed. After spending several years on accelerated account development, Marissa stepped up to establish Wpromote's Strategy team, where she drives omni-channel strategic growth through a strong belief in the full funnel approach. As a business and relationship activator, Marissa loves cultivating lifelong client relationships and building brand advocacy as an outsourced CMO and C-suite consultant for clients like Z Gallerie and PAPYRUS.
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    Rachel Bucey

    Vice President | Earned Media
    Rachel has an impressive track record helping omnichannel clients like PAPYRUS and Z Gallerie succeed both online and in-store. After coming to Wpromote, she quickly became known as the Local SEO guru, and implemented new strategies to drive integrated growth across the board for clients. As General Manager of SEO, Rachel is responsible for department-wide growth, profitability, innovation, and team development.
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    Simon Poulton

    Vice President | Digital Intelligence
    Simon has had a passion for digital marketing since he built his first website at the age of 12. After growing up in both New Zealand and England, Simon set his sights on becoming the UCLA mascot, Joe Bruin - and also picked up a degree in Psychology, moving soon after into digital marketing. IBM and the Economist named him one of the top 25 Social Business Leaders in 2014. He currently works with some of Wpromote's largest clients providing omnichannel strategy and analytics insights!
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    Soso Sazesh

    Vice President | Growth & Innovation - Growth Pilots
    Soso is the startup whisperer. He cut his teeth working with fast-paced, high-growth startups in Silicon Valley after graduating from UC Berkeley. He founded Growth Pilots in 2014 to help venture-backed companies grow faster by scaling their paid marketing channels more intelligently. Growth Pilots was acquired by Wpromote in 2019. As Vice President of Growth and Innovation, Soso oversees high-growth client relationships and ensures Wpromote is doing everything possible to ensure they all have growth charts that resemble hockey sticks. He lives his life a quarter (mile) at a time and embodies Ricky Bobby’s sage wisdom that "if you ain’t first, you’re last".
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    Tom Hammel

    Vice President | Paid Media
    Tom became well acquainted with Wpromote while partnering with them as a Googler on profit-driven marketing. After spending six years building partnerships and sales revenue in Silicon Valley, he returned to his native SoCal to lead Wpromote's Paid Media teams. Tom is responsible for delivering fully-integrated, profit-driven advertising services across paid channels to accelerate bottom-line growth for clients. When he's not geeking out about customer lifetime value modeling, you'll find him posted up with a cup of coffee shooting the breeze with family and friends.
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    Jenny Son

    Head of Industry | Private Equity
    Jenny has a decade of in-house experience, ranging from working with Fortune 500 companies to being a member of the brand management arm of a private equity firm, helping to manage world class brands. She has experience across multiple industry segments, including entertainment, retail, Ecommerce, and consumer products, and has overseen various cross-functional marketing teams throughout her career. Her integrated outlook and diverse experience put her in a unique position to help clients across all their social media needs.
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    David Dweck

    Head of Paid Search & Media
    David joined Wpromote in September 2019 as Head of Paid Search with the goal of helping Wpromote upend the client/agency dynamic. David’s experience in paid search / digital media dates back to 2006 having led media teams at Mindshare, Media Assembly, MediaVest and Blue Fountain Media. His experience spans all aspects of digital media having implemented campaigns across channels for clients such as Honda/Acura, Fox, E*Trade, General Mills, Tyson, IBM, Allergan, Facebook and many others. Aside from his passion for media, David enjoys golfing, obsessing over Formula 1, frequenting comedy clubs and spending time with his wife and newborn son.
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    Justin McKinney

    Head of SEO
    Justin is fully dedicated to his clients, by focusing on innovation and thought leadership, he is able to maximize SEO strategy and growth for his accounts. He is continuously assessing the SEO landscape to acquire new knowledge to share with his team and utilize for clients. Justin graduated from USC with a degree in International Relations with a focus on Global Marketing and uses his wisdom in his day-to-day work. When he's not strategizing for the complex world of search engines, Justin enjoys traveling, reading a great book, and spending time with his dog, Teddy.
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    Samantha Isdale

    Head of Content Marketing
    Samantha (mostly goes by Sam) started out as one of the earliest employees at Wpromote's first remote office in the Windy City: Chicago. As Director of Content Marketing, you can find her regularly nerding out about content and the digital marketing strategies that help Wpromote clients dominate their industries. She is completely in denial about having a thick Chicago accent, although she won't deny her love for Chicago sports. When free time is available, she's often found checking out new restaurants and bars and looking for different ways to stay active.
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    Dexter Rangel

    Head of SMB
    Dexter joined the Wpromote team as an account manager after graduating from Loyola Marymount University with a degree in Business Marketing. With an energetic and goal driven approach, he is responsible for department-wide profitability and resource management through sales and operational initiatives. With professional experience in the Health, Automotive, Hospitality, Real Estate and E-Commerce verticals his specialties are in P&L management, Budgeting & Finance, Operations, and Sales & Marketing. When he's not in the office you are almost guaranteed to find him on a tennis court taking down the local competition or doing anything active like swimming, soccer or anything outdoors.
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    Darren D’Altorio

    Head of Social Media
    After moving to Los Angeles, Darren joined Wpromote in September 2013 as the 10th member of the growing SMB department. Hailing from Akron Ohio, Darren graduated from Kent State University in 2010 with a degree in magazine journalism. His passion for both creative writing and business strategy proved a perfect match, and he was promoted quickly through the ranks. As General Manager, Darren works diligently to cement our clients' success through creative, thoughtful Social Media marketing and advertising campaigns. Outside work, you can find Darren cycling through the hectic streets of LA, attending a myriad of live concerts or partaking in craft brewery and vineyard tasting tours.
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    Claire Perez

    Senior Group Director | Strategic Account Management
    Claire provides strategic leadership to drive growth for Wpromote's enterprise client accounts such as Klipsch and GoWireless. While Claire started her career practicing law in London, upon moving to LA, she found her ultimate passion to be in digital marketing, particularly structuring campaigns around key business goals and full-funnel thinking. Despite living in the US since 2011, Claire still has a strong English accent and enjoys confusing her American colleagues with quirky UK phrases.
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    Peter Petrou

    Senior Director | Web Services
    With a decade in digital marketing and two decades in web development, Peter serves as Wpromote's Director of Web Services. He started his career as a mainframe COBOL developer, and as such has seen and gained experience with a whole spectrum of technologies. He's helped build websites for clients like Silicon Valley Bank, Salient Partners, and HealthPlus. His all-time favorite project was creating a live online bidding platform for Christie's, which is still in use today. Peter relaxes by playing, and also watching, soccer.
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    Steve Comando

    Senior Director | Creative
    Steve has been involved in creative advertising since his idol Steve Jobs returned to Apple in the 90s. After graduating from St. John's University, he went on to lead the in-house creative department at Nikon USA before venturing into agency life, where he worked on brands such as Brother International, Travelers Insurance, Sterlilng Optical, and Silicon Valley Bank. When he's not glued to any one of his six Apple devices, he likes to watch Star Wars, complete any toy collection, and test the 'ultimate driving machine' slogan.
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    Anna Arthur

    Group Director | Strategic Account Management
    Anna has nearly 20 years of digital marketing experience in client services, specializing in web development as well as performance and content marketing. She has managed digital and integrated campaigns for Fortune 500 companies such as American Express, Sony, and Purina. Her experience also includes work for Farmers Insurance, William Grant & Sons Distillers, Oracle, and Neutrogena. Born and raised in Sweden, she now lives in Halesite, NY, with her husband and two children.
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    Christine Borg

    Group Director | Strategic Account Management
    A Wpromote veteran of over six years, Christine started out as an Account Director and now leads the Account Management department as the Director of Account Services. Christine and her team are focused on building strong client partnerships by driving results and sharing new strategic ideas to help clients solve their biggest marketing challenges. When not challenging clients to improve, Christine enjoys being with family and friends, traveling, and being outside as much as possible, especially skiing with her 1 ½ year old son!
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    David Williams

    Director | Amazon
    David grew up in Manhattan Beach but has Chicago roots. He came to Wpromote to lead the Amazon team and help brands grow on the Ecommerce giant. He has a deep background in client service and extensive knowledge of the Amazon marketplace. His previous experience helping build out 2 Amazon teams positions him well for understanding the needs of clients and the complexities of the marketplace. His competitive nature likely stems from being a Division I collegiate runner, however these days he spends less time on the track and more time on the beach.
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    Jonathan Gualotuna

    Director | Programmatic
    A SoCal native from Redondo Beach, Jonathan graduated from Chico State with a double degree in Public Relations and Spanish. His passion for programmatic helps him leverage it to engage advertisers and brands with their respective audiences. Over the past six years, he's built experience across retail, Ecommerce, financial, CPG, and business verticals, familiar with both the supply and demand sides of programmatic media buying. When not developing programmatic strategies, he can be found at the beach playing volleyball or taking long hikes with his German Shepherd.
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    Kimberlee Raymond

    Group Director | Strategic Account Management
    A proud alumni of UCLA and a good ol' Southern girl, Kimberlee joined the Wpromote team over four years ago and has managed almost every digital channel. She's an avid reader of any business books she can get her hands on, and relishes the opportunity to develop innovative strategies and campaigns for her book of industry-leading brands.

Corporate Leadership
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    Jessica Tauber

    SVP | Operations
    Jessica was one of the first paid search account managers at Wpromote after graduating from the University of California at Santa Barbara. With extensive experience managing hundreds of strategic Paid Search Management clients, Jessica became the VP of Client Services in 2013, running our Paid Search Management, Media Buying, and Email Marketing departments. From devising high-level strategy to executing media buys for Fortune 500 companies running multi-million dollar campaigns, Jessica lives and breathes online media, delivering amazing results with a smile.
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    Megan Swisher Fanning

    Vice President | People & Culture
    Born and raised in Chicago, Megan struck out west to attend University of Colorado, Boulder. Immediately after graduating she leapt across the Atlantic to live and work in London, where she discovered a true passion for recruiting. With almost a decade of experience as an HR leader, Megan ably helps to lead Wpromote as the VP of People & Culture, recruiting amazing talent, overseeing all people related programs, and supporting Wpromote's unique culture.
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    Ryan Neldner

    Senior Director | Engineering
    One of the earliest members of the Wpromote family, Ryan joined fresh out of USC in 2006 where he studied Computer Science and 3D Animation. Acting as a sort of utility player for Wpromote, Ryan's role has shifted over the years to adapt to the changing needs of the company. Starting in our Performance Marketing division, he was able to take on the growing need for in-house software development, helping build many of the management tools we use today. Outside of the office, Ryan spends most of his free time slaying dragons, shredding the California coast, and dancing from one music festival to another.
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    Steve Blackman

    Director | IT
    OAs Director of IT, Steve draws on years of experience in IT management, business analysis, project management, and enterprise solutions to keep things running smoothly at Wpromote. He graduated from the University of Notre Dame then got his MBA at UCLA merging the worlds of IT and business. A big movie goer and college football fan, Steve loves using his downtime to travel to countries like the UK, Mexico, and soon enough, New Zealand and parts of Europe.
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    Theresa Irving

    Director | Financial Planning & Analysis
    Theresa grew up in Southern California, and after graduating from Duke University she began her career in strategic analysis at CarMax. Ultimately, she discovered her love for finance and began working on her MBA at the UCLA Anderson School of Management . As Director of Financial Planning and Analysis, it's only fitting that Theresa has over ten years of finance experience under her belt. After working for a variety of public and private companies, such as Boingo Wireless, Oakwood Worldwide, Loot Crate and Katch, Theresa has joined the Wpromote family. An avid college basketball fan and Excel aficionado, you can find Theresa cheering on the Duke University basketball team and happily making spreadsheets for anything in her free time.
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    Annemarie Corey

    Controller | Finance
    A Southern California native, Annemarie studied business administration at the University of San Diego. She gravitated to the digital media and advertising world and has continued on that track for the last 15 years. At Wpromote, Annemarie leads the accounting team, ensuring all the day-to-day operations run smoothly while providing the best service possible. When not in the office, you can find her riding her horse, traveling, cooking, and spending lots of family time with her husband, son, and daughter.

Board & Advisors
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    Bob Schwartz

    Vice Chairman
    Bob Schwartz has created over $1 Billion of shareholder value in commerce & technology companies, including building Magento to 30%+ global marketshare (acquired by eBay) as well as in early internet Bob was "Founder & GM" of Nordstrom.com ($2.5B in 2015) and prior sold an online auction company to Amazon. Bob serves as Vice Chairman of Wpromote providing strategic advice, partnerships, talent and experienced mentorship to drive growth and value to Wpromote and its clients including the establishment of Wpromote's Commerce Advisory Group. Bob is currently CEO of the company building firm 47B Street, and is a thought leader in Retail / Technology and speaks globally on this topic.
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    Stephen D. Royer

    Partner | Shamrock Capital Advisors
    Steve is a Shamrock Capital Advisors Partner. Since 1998, Steve has managed Shamrock’s private equity investment activities. He currently serves as a director of Wpromote, Branded Cities, Maple Media, and Mobilitie. Previously, he served on the boards of INgrooves Music Group, Screenvision Media, Consilio, Learfield Communications, Media Storm, RealD, TeleGuam Holdings, Modern Luxury, Triad Broadcasting Company, PortalPlayer, PRN, and NETGEAR before Shamrock exited these investments. Steve serves on the Board of Trustees of Marymount High School, Los Angeles and is also a board member and former President of the St. James Inn. Prior to joining Shamrock in 1991, Steve worked as an investment banker with Lehman Brothers.

    Steve graduated from Stanford University and earned an MBA from the UCLA Anderson School of Management as a Venture Fellow.
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    Laura Held

    Principal | Shamrock Capital Advisors
    Laura is a Principal of Shamrock Capital Advisors. She currently serves as a director of Wpromote and Mobilitie. Previously, Laura served on the boards of Questex, RBmedia and as a board observer of Wazee Digital. Prior to joining Shamrock in 2012, Laura was an Associate in the Corporate Strategy group at The Walt Disney Company. She also previously worked as an Associate at The Carlyle Group and as an investment banking analyst at Credit Suisse.

    Laura graduated cum laude from Georgetown University and earned an MBA from Harvard Business School.
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    Brian Barnum

    Operating Partner | Shamrock Capital Advisors
    Brian Barnum is an Operating Partner with Shamrock Capital Advisors and works with Shamrock’s portfolio companies to improve operations and increase value. Prior to joining Shamrock in 2017, Mr. Barnum held a number of senior executive roles for privately held media, communications and technology companies including COO of Brighter, Inc., COO/CFO of The Rubicon Project, the COO/CFO of Business.com and later the President of Dex Media’s Digital businesses after it acquired Business.com, the CFO of Rent.com through its acquisition by eBay, and the CFO of Transaction Network Services, which he guided through an IPO. Prior to his roles as an operating executive, Mr. Barnum worked in investment banking to media companies at Bankers Trust Company and to technology and communications companies at Alex. Brown & Sons. Mr. Barnum has an MBA from the Anderson School at UCLA and has a BA in Economics from Stanford University.

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