Unlocking YouTube: Level Up Potential to Full-Funnel Performance

Learn why YouTube is the performance marketer’s secret sauce to successfully moving your brand’s marketing strategy up the funnel.

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A strong brand is more important than ever—even if performance is your primary focus

The value of your brand itself might not be something your business has prioritized over immediate conversion wins and efficiency gains. But that’s not an option anymore.

Consumers are being more careful with their dollars, and that means you need to earn their business or you’ll hit diminishing returns in your performance campaigns. And YouTube is the ideal entry point for performance-minded brands to start testing into the upper funnel.

Our experts have put together the full guide to expanding your paid media strategy to include a full-funnel approach to YouTube, including:

  • How Google search and YouTube can work together to drive results for your business
  • What kind of storytelling works on digital platforms (hint: it’s not endless repetition!)
  • How to make the business case for brand dollars and set the right expectations around KPIs and performance

Download the guide to start fueling your brand’s marketing engine with YouTube campaigns that drive sustainable, long-term growth.



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