The Holy Grail of B2B SaaS Growth


How to scale your B2B SaaS business through digital marketing and paid acquisition

Growth: there are few industries with more potential for growth than B2B SaaS. But many potential hypergrowth businesses are trying to acquire new customers without understanding the math that should drive marketing decision-making—or which strategies are best suited to their goals.

Digital marketing channels like Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, and YouTube offer many opportunities to reach new, high-intent audiences and rapidly scale your business. Make sure you’re not wasting spend on dead-end channels or focusing on the wrong customers with our new guide to paid acquisition for B2B SaaS companies.

You’ll work on mastering the art and science of digital marketing strategy with in-depth information and tactical guidance on:

  • The three core elements of paid acquisition
  • What you should be testing right now
  • How to determine your target KPIs
  • Which ad types to use and how to set up proper tracking and attribution
  • Platform-specific tactics and best practices



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