The Challenger Framework:
A Radical Reimagining of Performance Marketing

If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that your marketing needs to be agile, intentional, and integrated. Our approach to ‘normal life’ had to be reinvented entirely—and the same goes for traditional, status quo marketing.

Now is your chance to radically redefine and revolutionize your marketing playbook.

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Meet The Challenger Framework

Your framework for modern marketing that drives both brand value and performance.

Powered by the perpetual, iterative interaction of real-time data and holistic strategy, the Challenger Framework is your roadmap to effectively deploying performance and behavioral insights at a mass scale in real time: across your organization, at every stage of the entire customer journey, in every channel—all guided by a shared vision of the future of your business.

The Challenger Framework will serve as your guide to:

  • Building a truly agile marketing organization made to grow, adapt, and evolve, with data at the center
  • Deploying a holistic marketing strategy by throwing out ineffective silos like “brand marketing” and “performance marketing” without a full scale re-org
  • Finding the solution to the elusive 1+1=3 equation that characterizes the best marketing (hint: rigorous testing is a really big part of it)
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