Building Healthcare Consumer Trust with Awareness Marketing

Nowhere is upper funnel marketing more important than healthcare: learn how to craft and deploy the right strategy to establish both brand authority and awareness to support your core business objectives.

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Brand authority is the gateway to stronger patient relationships

Today’s consumers are taking a more informed, proactive role in their healthcare decisions than ever before. These empowered individuals are seeking authoritative information from trusted providers who can effectively cut through the noise and be heard.

While brand and awareness marketing is essential to every industry, it’s the lifeblood to cultivating credibility and driving long-term performance for healthcare brands. In a word: indispensable.

We’re using insights provided by Google to explore the ways you can expand your audience reach, build brand authority and consumer trust, and unlock the full power of upper-funnel marketing to exceed your bottom-line revenue goals.

Get the insights you need to:

  • Become a trusted voice of authority through branded educational content that showcases your expertise and drives consumer engagement
  • Leverage powerful tools like Google Keyword Planner and Google Brand Lift to create effective campaigns that impact your long-term business goals
  • Break through the barriers of upper-funnel marketing by utilizing engagement metrics that measure every touchpoint and interaction that matters
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