Prepare for Amazon Domination: How to Leverage Intent-Based Strategy to Supercharge Business Growth

Learn how to take a hyper-targeted, data-driven approach to Amazon to maximize the platform’s capacity to drive business growth.

Get the Facts

Amazon is the fastest-growing digital ad platform: is your brand taking advantage?

Consumers are using Amazon at every stage of the customer journey from research to purchase, and Amazon’s investment in advanced marketing tools is challenging Google/Meta digital marketing dominance.

But most brands on Amazon are building strategies that are focused on product instead of the customer—and that means they’re missing significant opportunities to maximize performance.

Our experts have put together the full guide to an intent-based, full funnel Amazon strategy, including how to:

  • Take the best practices from other paid media channels and apply them to a granular, agile Amazon strategy that gets results
  • Utilize Amazon’s unique first-party data to find new customers and drive overall business growth across the funnel
  • Expand your strategy to DSP to get the most value out of your Amazon conversion engine in the upper funnel and on the open web

Download the guide to make sure your business isn’t missing out on opportunities as Amazon accelerates into the top tier of paid media platforms.



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