2020 Holiday Planning Digital Marketing Playbook


Adapt your marketing strategy for a radically different holiday season

As 2020 barrels on with little regard for the status quo, the looming shadow of the most wonderful important time of year for retail revenue is growing larger by the minute. And digital marketers? They are more central to success than ever.

So are you ready for the challenge?

You need the right strategies to not just capture interest and drive conversion, but manage expectations around health and safety, stand ready against shipping problems and fulfillment issues, and be prepared for any of the approximately one zillion contingencies that could rear up between now and December.

All of that requires the right calendar, the right strategies, and the right processes, so your team is ready for anything and is poised to capture as much revenue as possible.

In this playbook, we’ll be exploring the framework for your 2020 holiday digital marketing strategy, mapped across the four highest impact tactical areas:

  • Conversion & Customer Experience
  • Timing & Incentivization
  • Fulfillment & Localization
  • Agility & Iteration

We will outline the actions your brand needs to take for each tactical area, from training around new initiatives to tracking success.



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