Challenger Masterclass: How to Outperform Expectations With a Next-Gen Social Strategy


Your New Tactical Playbook for Social Media Success

The post-pandemic embrace of all things ecommerce is about to meet the rising tide of privacy regulations, and we’re already seeing the effects on social. But we have the solution already in hand: an approach that takes advantage of the unique capabilities of your social channels, where mass scale meets niche targeting at highly efficient cost.

You need a new tactical playbook for social media success—and Wpromote’s top experts are here to show you how to build a next-gen strategy: a full-funnel, diversified approach to social media marketing that increases long-term lifetime value and drives incremental growth.

Check out our full on-demand Masterclass and explore in detail how to evolve your social strategy to effectively touch every stage of the customer journey, so your brand isn’t just capturing but creating new demand and driving exceptional results.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Build complimentary campaigns that deliver on a range of objectives and drive long-term business outcomes
  • Interpret signals across the funnel, not just at the point of purchase, to maximize the impact of your marketing spend
  • Deliver better incrementality and performance by leveraging the kind of full-funnel strategy powering the most successful disruptors in the market

Check out the on demand recording to make sure you’re fully prepared to take your social marketing strategy into the privacy-first future without missing a step.



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