Your ability to make smart decisions depends on your capacity to strategically collect and analyze data. Stay competitive with the information and expertise you need.


Your ability to make smart decisions depends on your capacity to strategically collect and analyze data. Stay competitive with the information and expertise you need.

Get the Digital Insights That Maximize Results

Data-driven decisions to
fuel your growth

Making smart marketing and business decisions is dependent upon the information you track and your ability evaluate it. We have a team of in-house data scientists that take in raw data and produce key takeaways for your business. They work with each of our integrated team members across our hundreds of clients to identify trends and develop actionable recommendations that will shape your digital marketing strategy.

Our team will solve your most difficult data challenges, offering solutions such as:

  • Advanced Audience Cohort Modeling & Segmentation
  • Predictive Customer Lifetime Value (LTV) Calculations
  • Online/Offline Conversion Tracking
  • Custom Event & Dimension Development for Granular Insights
  • Enhanced Ecommerce Implementations
Our in-house data science team will help you find the perfect intersection of profits and efficiency.

What Is Digital Intelligence?

It’s the ability to collect information, improve tracking, analyze trends, and find connections across all of your pieces of data.

Data Science >

Applying complex research models on customer and purchase data to give you an edge

Analytics >

Expert tactics to make the most of the data you have and efficiently gather more information

Strategy >

Dedicated digital strategist to guide marketing initiatives for all channels and overall business growth

Predictive Customer Modeling >

Modeling and cohort segmentation based on customer lifetime value

Conversion Rate Optimization >

Improving your website to increase desired actions and acquire more customers

Attribution >

People-based modeling for performance analysis across channels including AdWords & Facebook

Visualization >

Dashboard development spanning high-level to granular insights for real-time analysis

Think data could improve your digital results? Find out today.

Don’t Worry, We Have A Plan

Our three-pronged approach covers all of the major elements of digital intelligence.

  • Data Engineering - bringing all of your data together under one roof
  • Analysis & Evangelism - discovering trends and defining the most impactful growth strategies
  • Data Science - developing models based on complex research methods

Your Digital Guru On Speed Dial

Our Strategic Account Management team is made of digital experts, and every team member has an extensive background of both client services and channel-specific strategy. Your Account Director will be the connector between your digital channels, marketing opportunities, and business goals.

This powerful combination of digital experience and intimate understanding of your business will maximize your results and give you a leg up on the competition.

  • Offer Industry Insights & Forecasts
  • Guide Digital Marketing Efforts & New Opportunities
  • Unify All Channels & Campaigns
  • Work As An Extension To Your In-House Team

Connecting Each Part Of
Your Marketing Strategy

Digital Intelligence insights have a positive impact on every single channel from offline to online. By learning more about your customer journey and conversion history, you can better judge campaigns and adjust strategies.

As digital rapidly evolves, data insights benefit all team members from your CMO to channel experts.

See how Wpromote’s Digital Intelligence Services can inform your digital strategy today.

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