2020 B2B Trend Report

B2B marketers are facing unprecedented challenges right now. But as digital marketers, you know that “challenge” is really another word for opportunity.

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Our report will arm you with the data and insights you need to craft strategies that will help you take advantage of the opportunities still ahead of you in 2020. More than ever, we’re all aware that B2B marketing isn’t really about marketing to businesses, it’s about bringing value and helping the human beings at those businesses. This report will help you deploy strategies that build real relationships with customers while earning long-term loyalty, generating leads, and driving revenue.

A peek at the trends we’ve uncovered:

  • Brand awareness is now the number one objective for 31% of B2B marketers.
  • Your customers are watching how your organization responds to the crisis–and 65% are making future purchase decisions based on what they’re seeing.
  • Budgets reallocated from in-person event cancellations are going toward digital initiatives, with 43% funneling into content creation.
  • Nearly 40% of B2B digital marketers identify website traffic as the most important KPI used to measure performance–and they’re investing in making sure their sites are mobile-friendly.
  • Social media is the top channel for lead generation for 81% of digital marketers, and companies are facing a buyer’s market right now on platforms like Facebook.
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