The Marketing Mission: Balancing Social Responsibility and the Growth Imperative

tuesday, june 28  |  11am PT/2pm ET


Brand values are now a core component of future business growth.

Today’s consumers expect brands to stand up for important social issues and stand out from the crowd by putting those values front and center in their interactions across channels and as part of the business.

And that expectation is only growing in the next generation of customers.

But the pressure to focus on the purchase decision and lower funnel ad spend can make it difficult to find space in your strategy to engage in meaningful ways that resonate with customers. Marketers also run the risk of accusations of opportunism and inauthenticity if the only place those values show up is on social posts or in commercials.

We’re bringing together marketing leaders from across industries who are making connections with consumers and building social responsibility into their core brand value proposition—while fueling significant growth. Join us for the live virtual panel to explore how to:

  • Leverage marketing data to identify which values and issues your customers care the most about
  • Make sure marketing has a seat at the table when it comes to the broader business investment in social initiatives
  • Build the right creative and messaging to connect with your audiences authentically and spread the word across the marketing funnel to increase conversions and drive long-term growth

Meet The Speakers

More speakers to be announced!

Libby Johnson McKee photo

Libby Johnson McKee

Past Amazon Director, Returns & Sustainability
Circular Economy Advisor & Board Member

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jake kloberdanz photo

Jake Kloberdanz

CEO & Co-Founder, ONEHOPE Wine

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jon leicht photo

Jon Leicht

Senior Vice President, Head of Client Service, Wpromote

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michael mothner photo

Mike Mothner

Founder & CEO, Wpromote (Host)

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