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With a wide range of data sources, programmatic ad buying remains a huge opportunity for retail brands. 

Its ability to connect online behavior to offline activity is especially helpful in Q4, when higher numbers of shoppers visit malls and other brick-and-mortar locations. Plus, programmatic provides advertising options that are truly unique in the paid search space, making it a key component of your holiday mix.

But Q4 is quickly approaching… what can you do to effectively leverage programmatic this holiday season?

  1. Use sequential messaging. Programmatic gives you an unmatched level of creative control, including the ability to show ads in a specific order to individual users. Consider your customer and tailor your ads to each stage of their journey.
  2. Save time with dynamic creative. This gives you the ability to have updated ads, without additional work, throughout the season. When sales fluctuate so frequently, save your team time by setting this up now. For example, your ad can show the current percentage discount for a certain item without manually adjusting creative.
  3. Connect location-based data. Target nearby users, for instance, those who visited a mall with one of your locations at a mall. 
  4. Add custom triggers. Capitalize on programmatic’s granular data offering to highlight price drops based on those who have taken important micro-actions, such as viewing your social profiles. 
  5. Leverage out-of-home billboards. While this at first may seem old school, targeting users who have been within distance of your billboards is definitely not. Again, the online to offline connection is key.

Ready to dive deeper? Talk to one of our digital marketing experts to get ready for the hectic holiday season and hit those Q4 goals.


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