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At Wpromote we pride ourselves in educating our potential clients, existing clients, and industry enthusiasts on all things related to online marketing. Our white papers will teach you about the different avenues of online marketing, give you must-know tips and tricks of the trade, and ultimately lead you down the path to advertising success.

  • Facebook Ad Superlatives

    Trends To Look Out For...

    In this report, we analyze Facebook Advertising campaigns of our top ten Ecommerce clients. Download now to gain insight into effectively and efficiently advertising on one of the most prominent social media platforms.

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  • Ultimate Guide to Social Advertising

    How To Get Facebook & Instagram To Be Your Top Performing Channels

    If you've ever been mystified by social advertising, then this white paper will blow the channel wide open and teach you how it can bring in significant ROI and earn immense brand awareness.

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  • 100 Days of Holiday

    The Definitive Online Marketing Roadmap For Conquering This Holiday Season

    This year’s holiday season promises to be one of the biggest on record. Holiday 2014 retail Ecommerce grew 7% to a total of over $100 billion, and Cyber Monday 2014 drew in $2.038 billion in sales on desktops alone. This trend of growth promises to continue, with holiday 2015 primed to shatter all existing records for revenue and sales. Each year, the holiday season becomes more and more online and mobile-focused, with a 115% increase in shopping searches coming from smartphones.

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  • Winning The Back-To-School Race For Revenue

    How To Make The Most Of Your Online Marketing Budget This Fall

    When trying to win the race over your competitors, a well-rounded back-to-school campaign can push you to fist place. If you’re still tying your shoes when the racing gun goes off, missed opportunity can quickly become missed revenue. This white paper will show you how to make the mid-summer doldrums into one of the biggest Ecommerce seasons for your company.

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  • Designing "The Perfect Email"

    Guidelines For More Effective Email Marketing

    Creating an effective email marketing campaign can be challenging. But this is one of the most crucial parts of any integrated online marketing strategy. Learn how to create the most effective emails for your campaigns and how to get your email opened!

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  • Link Penalty Playbook

    How to Sidestep Google’s Penalty Box

    Avoiding Google’s difficult link penalties is critical to any marketer who wants to succeed online. Ensuring you retain top rankings in the internet’s #1 search engine is the best way to promote your business’s visibility, bring in new leads, and outpace your competition. This playbook will guide you through both preventing link penalties and fighting your way back into Google’s good graces if you do get penalized so you can make the most out of your search engine marketing!

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  • Paid Search & SEO Integration

    Integrating Paid & Organic Search Strategies for Incredible Results

    Alone, paid and organic search are two powerful services that each come with their own unique merits. But the power of these two services combined under one roof is unparalleled.

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