Small Business Marketing Guides

Small business marketing is a completely different playing field than what’s required for a national SEO, paid search, or social media campaign. Today, as many as 4 in 5 consumers are conducting local searches on search engines. For a local business, showing up in a search engine when a user is searching a relevant query is not a guarantee simply because you have a website. Search engines and consumers alike take into account your entire online presence.

The Best Small Business Marketing Guides

Especially in a highly competitive local marketplace, investing in PPC (pay-per-click advertising) can provide brand awareness and allow increased visibility in front of consumers already looking for your product or service. And now more than ever, connecting with audiences on social media is important for maintaining a relationship with your current customers, providing customer service, and getting in front of new customers. Consumers are looking for store hours and addresses over 50% of the time; therefore, consistent and updated information across all local listing sites is key not only to have search engines show your listing, but to get consumers the information they want. Are you ready to step up your game in your local market? Start planning your online strategy with our small business guides below.

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