How To Set Up A Pop-Up In MailChimp

What Is MailChimp?

  • MailChimp is an Email Service Provider (ESP) which means it’s an online platform from which you send emails to your subscribers. Among other things, you can host your list of subscribers, segment them based on an indefinite number of criteria, and design and send emails that are also hosted within the platform.

What Is A Pop-Up?

  • Pop-ups are those things you see on websites that prompt you to sign up for email. Typically they’re shown within a few seconds of a new visitor’s first session on a site, however, more advanced strategies (usually require a 3rd party integration) display a pop-up based on a specified number of clicks, a specified number of page views, or exit intent. The goal of the pop-up is acquiring email addresses, and we’ve seen clients experience 300%+ increases in list growth after implementing a pop-up.

Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 9.44.30 AM

What Kinds Of Companies Should Use A Pop-Up?

  • Any and all companies that want to have a relationship with users who visit their site. The nature of the relationship obviously varies for B2B and B2C firms, but acquiring email addresses allows a company to educate, nurture, and move users down the funnel.

How Can I Set Up A Pop-Up In MailChimp?

It couldn’t be easier! Follow these steps to get yours started:
  • In the top navigation, click Lists. Then click into the list you want those who join via the pop-up to be added to.
step 1  
  • Next, click ‘Sign Up Forms’ and select ‘Subscriber Pop-Up.’ This will take you to the friendly UI where you can choose your layout, specify colors and fonts, populate your text, and set the delay settings.
step2 step3
  • Once you are done designing, click ‘Get Code’ and MailChimp will generate an embed code to place on your site.
  • Copy the code and click ‘Publish’ and add the code. Voila! You’re done.
written by: Mollie Meyer

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