Guide to Cart Abandon Emails

For Ecommerce companies, one of the most important email campaigns you can have is cart abandon. Whether it’s a single email or a series of email reminders, this campaign will drive a serious amount of revenue for your business. It also traditionally gets some of, if not the highest engagement and conversion rates of any campaign in an email program.The cart abandon campaign targets a highly interested and qualified segment of your user base. These potential customers have shown intent to purchase and have told us what they are interested in buying. Now it’s time to take advantage of that! When starting to launch an abandon cart email or adjusting your current one, there are several things to keep in mind:

Why Was The Cart Abandoned?

There are a number of different reasons why a customer would abandon their cart.abandonshoppingcart
  • Not Ready To Purchase: They could be comparison-shopping, need to meditate before online purchases, don’t have payment information nearby, or maybe are using the cart as more of a wish list. Regardless, they are interested but not ready to pull the trigger just yet.
  • Distracted: Maybe they got lost in a wiki-hole, had to feed the kids, ran to a meeting or their phone buzzed. Sometimes, life gets in the way of online shopping.
  • Needs More Help: They could have questions that weren’t answered on-site in your product description or reviews and need to ask someone a few things before they purchase. It could be as simple as return policy or dimensions, or it could be more detailed like where the wood was sourced for an end table.
  • Technical Issues: I know we all hate to hear this one, but a site can break or have technical difficulties that prevent customers from completing a purchase.
  • Shipping Concerns: Unfortunately, Amazon has trained us all to be extremely sensitive when it comes to shipping. A dollar of shipping too much, and the entire purchase gets halted.

What Messaging Should Be Used?

The suggested messaging of a cart abandon email is largely dictated by why customers abandon the process. Some more advanced technologies can tell you where in the process a customer abandoned a purchase, and in those cases you can really refine your message. However, in general it’s always a good idea to:
  • Include Customer Service Information: For those customers with more questions or technical issues stopping them from buying, customer service details are key. Include a support phone number, email address, live chat link, FAQs link, and customer service hours to help these customers.
  • Reinforce Your Company’s Value Propositions: If you offer free shipping for certain purchases, include that information! Tout your awesome return policy, great customer ratings, company accolades; or whatever makes your brand stand out from the competition.
  • Be Helpful: Remind your customers of the product they left behind. Don’t push a hard sell; instead think of this as a friendly reminder. Include the title of the product, the price, a product image, and of course, the URL that leads them back to the product itself. Make sure include a link back to the cart as well.

What Are The Technical Elements Required To Send A Cart Abandon Message?

Sending a great cart abandon email does take some technology setup on the backend. Before you get started, make sure to understand:
  • The technical abilities and integrations your Ecommerce platform has.
  • The technical abilities, integrations, and features your ESP has.
  • How much developer resources are available for the project.
  • What pieces of product information can be displayed in an email based on your technology?
  • What budget does your company have for a third party solution if the Ecommerce platform and ESP do not have sufficient functionality?
With this information in hand, you should be ready to get started on setting up your cart abandon email campaign! But before you go, here are a couple more Wpro tips:
  • Keep Your Customer In Mind: Make sure your cart abandon emails aren’t annoying or over the top. Ideally, after the first message, customers should be able to turn off cart reminders.
  • Set Up Frequency Caps: For your frequent shoppers that place items in the cart more often, getting a cart abandon email every time is overkill.
  • Start Strong: Many customers have been trained to abandon their cart and wait for a discount code even if they are sure they want to complete the purchase. Before you put a promotion into your abandon cart emails, try running the campaign without one because you could be leaving money on the table by including one. If anything, offer free shipping to customers if your site does not already offer that benefit.
  • Don’t Just Set It And Forget It: Automated campaigns, like the abandon cart, account for a large percentage of revenue for our email clients. Optimizations and testing can improve your conversions for these messages and have a definitive impact on your overall revenue. ABO – always be optimizing!
written by: Jamie Arneson

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