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Email marketing is the most efficient and cost effective way to send the right message at the right time to the right people. Which is why we’re here to help you understand this incredibly targeted and ultra personalized type of marketing from front to back with our email marketing guide.

The Best Email Marketing Guides

When you take advantage of the advanced segmentation and automation technologies available today within Email Service Providers (ESP), you can build relationships with customers and nurture leads along every step of the sales cycle. Think dynamic automated emails based on behavioral and demographic triggers, such as joining your email list, abandoning a shopping cart, completing a purchase, and clicking on a specific product within an email. Or a single email template that displays customized content based on a subscriber’s gender, purchase history, and location. The possibilities for true granularity are truly endless and extend as far as your ability to make use of them. On the flipside, if there’s a major announcement that you want everyone on your list to know about, email can reach huge volumes easily and quickly.

Whether your business needs are Ecommerce, lead generation, or simple engagement with your subscribers, email marketing is the best way to communicate important information to the people who want it.

By combining email marketing with other digital marketing initiatives, you’ll be able to see how different channels work together to drive site traffic, nurture and retarget leads, and drive conversions. Additionally, the data from your email campaigns will give you great insight into your customers’ interests and patterns that will influence business decisions that extend much farther than email and marketing. Email is an easy way to test messaging, creative, promotional offers, and so on. By doing so strategically, you can make informed decisions and optimize all of your marketing and business efforts.

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