The Low Hanging Fruit… Of Love

If you’re anything like us here at ole’ Wpromote, you love the people you work with. Ok maybe “Love” is a strong word, but you certainly don’t wish that they meet their death by drowning in a pool of nitric acid. No sir. That’s why we’ve generated this handy dandy V-Day card generator, to show how much you care.

“I used The Lazy Marketer’s Valentine’s Day Card Generator,
and my clients didn’t even quit all of their services with us.”
— Roxanne Turner, Marketing Manager at Wpromote

Valentine’s Day Facts

  • Valentine’s Day started in 1928 with the development of the mail carrier system.
  • In Japan, February 14th (known to them as "White Day") is celebrated by Women ceremonially giving candy to men. CRAZY, right????
  • Very little is known about the Catholic Saint Valentine, except that he loved candy… ok that's not true at all.
  • Over $1 billion worth of chocolate is purchased on this romantic day in the U.S.

Really Make Someone’s Valentine’s Day Special

Send that special someone a generated e-card, because nothing says R.O.I. Love You like marketing jargon and e-cards.
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