The number one platform for interacting with users in a real-time fashion, Twitter is ideal for proactively engaging with existing and potential customers. Wpromote builds Twitter campaigns for our clients from the ground up, from testing copy and designing creative to extracting the social ROI you dream of.

Wpromote’s Dedicated Twitter Managers Will Help You:

  • Grow Your Social Impact
  • Launch Personalized Campaigns
  • Identify & Target Core Audience
  • Boost Website Traffic
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The benefits of leveraging Twitter are extensive. Twitter:

  • Provides instant access to conversions such as sales, leads, and email acquisitions.
  • Followers are a broad audience of potential consumers and influencers just waiting to be tapped.
  • Is a customer service channel to gauge and address concerns. Functions as a portal to connect with influencers.
  • Works as a great tool for effectively nurturing CRM leads.
  • Helps boost your website traffic by remarketing to visitors who have visited before.


Twitter is a real-time information network with a low barrier of entry and easy access to millions of consumers worldwide. Key factors for monetization include:

  • The immediacy of the medium, which lets brands actively engage with users during events and releases.
  • The platform’s access to lookalike audiences based on website visitor traffic.
  • The ability to connect and converse with influencers publicly.
  • The 140 character limit, which is key to a pithy, concise brand message.

Compelling Ad Types

Paid Tweets have higher engagement, broader reach, and a longer lifespan than organic Tweets, allowing you to tap into much bigger audiences.

  • Tweet Engagements - Engage your active and dormant followers
  • Website Clicks or Conversions - Drive traffic to your website
  • App Installs - Increase app downloads
  • Video Views - Grow your average view count
  • Follower Growth - Reach a wider audience
  • Leads - Acquire more emails

“The whole Wpromote “Zenni” team is working hard and providing us with exceptional service. We are looking forward to many more years of collaboration.”

David Varnai, Ecommerce Marketing Manager, Zenni Optical

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