LinkedIn is the single most effective platform for B2B marketing, and one of the most impactful tools businesses can use as part of their sales cycle. LinkedIn boosts customer loyalty and trust, and provides a perfect platform for product or service launches. Wpromote’s expertise in reaching clients and customers using LinkedIn’s sophisticated networking tools is unmatched.

Through unique showcase pages, sponsored updates and other ad units tailored to reach your key audiences, as well as the innovative use of LinkedIn groups, Wpromote will leverage your LinkedIn presence to its fullest advantage to dominate your competitors.

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LinkedIn has 380 million users around the world

Unparalleled Reach & Influence

LinkedIn offers a wide array of tools, both organic and paid, for reaching corporate audiences and ensuring your business is seen and heard. Wpromote will help you develop:

Company Page

Explain your company to existing and potential customers in a way that increases brand value and loyalty.

Showcase Pages

Create dedicated pages for flagship products and services to better communicate with target audiences.

Sponsored Content

Raise awareness of your brand with native posts inserted directly into members' news feeds.

Sponsored InMail

Alert prospects of key launches and bring the product to their attention directly in their inbox.

Display Advertising

Reach business professionals and high quality leads site-wide with various dynamic display ads.

Text Advertising

Fine tune your targeting options to reach just the right people and drive high-quality leads with this cost effective ad unit.

LinkedIn Groups

Demonstrate thought leadership in your industry through regular use of Groups and discussion.

Case Study: Software Company

Wpromote worked closely with a software company to run a targeted LInkedIn advertising campaign over a one month period. The results included:

were generated by acquiring emails and business information
7.13 ROI
and an average cost-per-click of $0.80
and 737 eBook, educational downloads

“Wpromote is completely embedded in our marketing strategy, extending far beyond their scope of responsibilities. I have been very pleased with the thought leadership, deep data analysis, and forward-looking approach on our complex account.”

Curt Hillard, CMO, DirectBuy

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