Facebook is the largest social network and leading advertising platform. Brands and advertisers utilize Facebook advertising every day to reach millions of active and engaged users. Wpromote has the collective experience to successfully design, build, and execute paid and earned social campaigns to reach these individuals.

With unrivaled depth in audience insights, unprecedented targeting capabilities, and true dominance on mobile, Facebook is the ideal channel for businesses to generate greater ROI from consumers new and old.

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Facebook accounts for 50% of total social referrals and 64% of total social revenue

Wpromote’s dedicated Facebook savants will help you:

Grow Your Social Footprint & Following

Launch Personalized Campaigns

Retain & Nurture Existing Customers

Identify & Capture Prospective Customers

Acquire A Larger Market Share

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The results speak for themselves...


25.72 ROAS From Facebook Ads

For ten years, Erin Condren had been running their Ecommerce store by word of mouth and organic reach alone. As competition rose it was obvious that paid social, and specifically a strong Facebook advertising presence, would be critical to long-term success and growth for the brand.

They trusted Wpromote to find and generate positive ROAS with new customer acquisition methods. Our initial areas of focus included exploring niche audiences and markets, testing ad mediums, retargeting non-converters, and increasing LTV.

RETURN ON AD SPEND From Paid Social Went From .065 To 25.73 With Wpromote

Acquiring Your Ideal Customers

Facebook is uniquely equipped to reach three distinct audiences through a targeting strategy that drives revenue, a greater ROI, and new customer acquisition.

Ground Fruit - Past Purchasers

Generate brand loyalty among this audience by uploading CRM lists directly into Facebook and targeting these individuals through tailored ads based on their purchase behavior.

Low Hanging Fruit - Qualified Customers

These individuals are familiar with the brand and have digitally interacted in one of two ways: signing up for an email/newsletter or visiting the website. By excluding ground fruit from these qualified audiences, Wpromote can retarget these individuals with customized copy and creative.

Help I Need A Ladder To Get To This Fruit - Potential Customers

This category is 100% prospecting and consists of individuals that are not familiar with your brand. Through Facebook lookalike audiences, customer insights, and robust targeting options, this channel has a unique and unparalleled ability to acquire new customers.

“Wpromote brought their A-game when they joined us on location for our Christie Brinkley photoshoot. They had a clear vision of how to attain our goals and execute the tactics we collaborated on together. I couldn’t have been more pleased with the team and our results."

Michael Ferrara, Chief Marketing Officer, Hair2wear

Unmatched Targeting

Facebook is the largest online social database of self-reported user information. High-level targeting options include:

  • Geographic Location: country, state, city, and zip code.
  • Device Targeting: desktop, mobile, and/or tablet.
  • Demographic Targeting: age, gender, parental status, orientation, income, relationship status, education, and ethnicity.
  • Interest Targeting: hobbies, activities, public figures, artists, sports, and everything else.
  • Behavioral Targeting: life events, job role, purchase behavior, and media consumption.

Compelling Ad Types

One of Facebook’s greatest strengths is its sheer variety of ad units, formats, and types, all powered by precision targeting. Whether you want a carousel ad for your Ecommerce products or a lead generation ad to reach audiences similar to your existing B2B customer base, Facebook has the ad format for you:

  • Lead Generation Ads
  • Multi-Product Carousel Ads
  • App Install Ads
  • Video & Event Ads
  • Canvas Ads
  • Reach & Frequency Ads

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