Turning Digital Traffic Into Pre-Opening Hype

Veggie Grill is attempting to expand into previously untouched markets for the brand. In this case, Chicago was the first midwestern city to be targeted. With little brand recognition, we needed to raise awareness before the Chicago locations opened in order to drive searchers to the restaurants.

Veggie Grill Business Goals:

  • Inform the public of relevant opening dates.
  • Gauge the competition level for their niche in the Chicago area.


Initially we launched only a single, non-branded campaign. This non-branded campaign allowed us to gather data about potential customer behavior, and which sub-set of keywords would generate the most interest and highest performance. Based on these results we decided to separate this single campaign into four distinct campaigns; vegan, vegetarian, plant-based, and healthy dining options. By having these interests separated, we were able to implement a unique bidding strategy for each and generate the highest amount of most relevant traffic.

We continuously tested and evolved our ad copy in order to increase the level of urgency conveyed as we approached the new locations’ opening dates.

We implemented concentric circle location targeting in order to ensure that nearby users were seeing our ads. Within these circles we implemented bid modifiers so that the closer the user was to the new restaurant locations, the higher our bid would be.



Clicks generated before restaurant opening


Total ads seen


Increase in clicks final MoM period

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