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Welcome To The New Age of Digital Marketing For Auto Dealers

In this digital age, the car buyer’s journey is more meandering than a scenic mountain pass. As an auto dealership owner, general manager, or marketing director, you know how important it is to be present throughout this journey.

Wpromote, along with our partners at Dealers United, are disrupting the automotive digital advertising and marketing space. We believe in meeting your dealership’s needs with customized, data-driven digital strategies that sell cars. We know that the journey doesn’t end at the sale; your dealership’s reputation and customer lifetime value matter just as much.

We believe in meeting your dealership’s needs with customized, data-driven digital strategies that sell cars.

Featured Clients

Our automotive clients include some of the highest-volume, digital-forward dealerships in the country.

Ford Sarasota
Mazda Garden City
Mazda Huntington
Hyundai New Rochelle

Paid Search, Display Advertising, & Retargeting

It’s no secret: dealerships rely on paid search advertising to drive qualified traffic to their sites. However, reaching more in-market buyers doesn’t mean pressing a button to “increase your reach.” We combine technology with human insight to achieve optimal performance. Here's what you can expect when you align your paid search efforts with Dealers United & Wpromote:

Full-Funnel Strategy

Awareness: We embrace top-of-funnel customer research visibility so your dealership becomes synonymous with your OEM in your local market.
Consideration: We drive customers to in-depth, conversion-optimized landing pages, then retarget based on models viewed to increase ups and test drive leads.
Conquesting: We dial in competitor targeting and bring customers into your car buying value journey.

Dynamic Retargeting

We match your site’s page views with our ad targeting across search and display to reinforce messaging your customers have already been exposed to, increasing success rates.

No Wasted Spend

We weed out low-priority or out-of-stock inventory. After auditing hundreds of dealer paid search accounts, errors like these are rampant and it can cost you thousands. We don’t let this happen.

We combine technology with human insight to achieve optimal performance.

Minimal Automation

Set it and forget it is not how we do business. Instead, your business will have human insight into making informed decisions on your budget, bids, and spend.

Online Presence Management

SEO isn’t dead, it’s simply evolving. We’re evolving with it, delivering a new way to increase organic search engine visibility and traffic, as well as decrease your cost-per-lead and cost-per-car sold.

Online Presence Management (OPM) is a blend of traditional on-site SEO best practices – optimized title tags, metadata, on-page headlines, robust custom content – with in-depth reputation management across the most trusted sites, like Yelp, Google My Business, Auto Trader,, and more. We create brand consistency, calls to action, and in-depth content that will bring your dealership into the spotlight for intent-driven searches.

Facebook Advertising

Facebook Advertising for auto dealerships is one of the most powerful digital advertising tools available today. We have worked with dealers in markets large and small to test and develop strategies that work, leveraging your CRM data to drive prospects, sales, service, and reviews.

Our capabilites include:

Nurture Geo-Targeted Customers At Every Step Of The Sales Cycle

Ensuring your website is built out in a way that will earn search engine rankings that put you in front of those looking for your services

Match Your Sales Directly To Facebook Ad Impressions

Use your CRM data to match & attribute sales to ad impressions

Target Existing Owners With Tailored Messaging

Create reputation & loyalty campaigns to maximize on positive customer experience

Brand/OEM Compliance

Your brand compliance is top-of-mind when going to market with ad messaging. We have experience working directly with all of the major OEMs to ensure that your in-market ads are compliant with their most recent standards. Our approval processes are efficient, ensuring that we stay on schedule with your most important incentives, events, and messages.


Dealers United & Wpromote aren't simply vendors; we are your digital partner. With that comes transparency, dedicated account management, and in-depth reporting that allows you to see the full scope of your investment, traffic acquired, and leads driven to your dealership. We don’t hide behind filtered dashboards and diluted information. As a Wpromote client, you have access to full data sets and ongoing support to ensure that you are making the right management decisions for your dealership.

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